1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.
  2. “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”

Urban dictionary definition: The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.

My definition: DON’T MISS THE EVENT.

Luckily, I’m here to provide you with all things you’ve missed, in this popping city of Los Angeles. My name is Shirley Ju, and I live, breathe, sleep Hip Hop. Coming from the Bay, I grew up to the hyphy movement. That being said, turning up is all I know. This will be a weekly recap of the dope events that I myself felt like I couldn’t miss, and you guys wish you were at.

Friday, September 9

And, another one. Bas and Mixed By Ali had a pop-up shop. Add this to the list of pop-ups shops happening this weekend. I have a couple homegirls who love Bas, and the whole Dreamville camp really. The New York is a gem on J. Cole’s label and you guys have probably heard their track “Night Job,” which goes too hard.

I was super down for this … mostly because it was down the street from Wildstyle. Red flag alert: it’s a Fairfax event, which means absolutely no parking. I literally made about eight circles and refused to valet for $10, so I posted in the back. Sus. The fear of getting towed haunted me the entire night and I have zero justification for it.


The Zanerobe art gallery on Fairfax in Los Angeles.

And, another red flag: kids and long lines. That’s just how it works on this street. This event was held at an art gallery called Zanerobe, also where YG had his Still Brazy pop-up shop. This piece is super dope, and the artist was literally painting during the event.

So I’m not even going to sugar coat this. This night was a complete bust. We were at the front of the line, but they hit capacity. The security guards were assholes. I guess that’s their job, but they can choose to be nice about it. I literally asked one to his face, “Why are you such a dick?” He didn’t like that.

Even members of Dreamville couldn’t get in. Literally, they claimed if they let people in and the fire marshals came, they would be fucked. Bro. No one cares. First of all, a ton of people were leaving, clearing the space inside. It was so ridiculous.

So we said fuck it. And watched the show from the outside. It literally made no difference… it was glass doors and you couldn’t see a trace of Bas even if you were standing inside. He was literally standing floor level at the very back of the store, and you could only see him if you were near the front row. This is me justifying watching the show behind those glass doors. Smh.


Too High To Riot shirts for $40.

This rack was at the very front of the window. It looked like merchandise from his Too High To Riot Tour. I honestly loved that album, so much. “Dopamine,” “Ricochet,” Penthouse,” all gems. I’ve gone to all the Bas shows in L.A., so I wasn’t tripping. It was more the challenge of getting inside that got to me. I don’t like to fail.


Fans going crazy as Bas starts performing.

AND THEN WE GOT IN. Patience is a virtue guys. Except it was literally in the middle of his last song. Smh. At least we can say we made it in right? No lie, it made me feel better. Full rejection would have been tough to swallow on a Friday night.

Saturday, September 10

“Looking for reveeeeeenge. All Summer Sixteen.” So, with all pop-up shops happening in L.A., I had the grand idea of hitting up each one (Drake, Future, DJ Mustard, and Rihanna) to get footage of the merchandise and shop itself. Shout out to Val on the camera, who has to put up with my annoying creative ideas.


Drake’s Summer Sixteen pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

First up, Drake. This one had a line at 12:30pm on a Saturday. It was hot too. This is the window you stared at as you waited and watched all the happy campers shop inside. My girl had actually left her credit card there two days prior, so I used that as leverage to get inside. (Shhhh!)

It was Operation Fail, though. First of all, they had cut up her card. Did you know you actually can destroy a Chase Sapphire credit card? And she was PISSED. They could have held on to it until the pop-up shop was over at least, which was today. She proceeded to complain about the customer service inside the shop, which I didn’t encounter because I wasn’t purchasing anything…

Second of all, they wouldn’t let us film inside. No cameras, although they couldn’t stop you with your phones. The dude who ran all the shops for Drake (that’s how he introduced himself) was nice, but stubborn and did not budge. He did state at the New York shops, he had to turn down multiple television outlets because Drake wanted no press. I guess that made me feel better.


Drake’s Revenge T-shirt.

We did ninja our way in, only to be disappointed. I guess I’m not one to rep Drake everywhere I go, but I thought the clothes were so mediocre. First off, this Revenge logo totally rips off Thrasher’s logo. Or is that the point? Either way, I’m not down. Being out in L.A. as much as I am, I actually see a lot of people rocking it.


Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

Next up: Badgalriri. Rihanna is bae. A lot of my friends disagree, but I would definitely choose her over Beyonce. She’s just … bad. Which means her clothing must be bad also. I really jocked these lace up sweatpants on the mannequin. She was rocking them on opening night of her shop. Retail price: $160. A little birdie told me they were giving out free donuts that night. And you ask why I love Rih?

The shop had a DJ the entire time, and the workers actually escort you as you walk in. Oh, there was a line. But it was nothing compared to Drake’s. Once you walk in, you get a sense of Asian culture-infused in her items.


The Rihanna x Puma Creepers in every color.

These Creepers are a hot item, as well as the Fenty slides that girls have been drooling over. Those are sold out everywhere. I didn’t care for these sneakers when they first came out, but now the camo colored pair is growing on me. They’re $140, but good luck, there are only a few sizes left.


Future Hive pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

Who’s part of the Future Hive? This girl. No shame. Literally, out of all the shops, Future by far wins for most artsy. The entire store was laid out well, accented with really dope paintings, pictures, clothing, accessories, jewelry, you name it.


Dope Future paintings and luggage for sale.

Everything was for sale too. The price tag was right next to whatever item was on display. I thought that was dope, but who would pay $4,000 for a Future painting in their crib??? Actually, I’m sure someone might.


Future clock at the pop-up shop.

Oh, and no line here. Who wants to get me this Future clock though?


A $100 gift card to the Rihanna Fenty x Puma pop-up shop.

Don’t judge me. A couple hours later, I’m back at the Rihanna shop. I had to though, there was a private event and I heard there were prizes. SKRT SKRT. Shout out to Alexis over at Aloof Recs for throwing this, and helping me come up on the fly-est cropped hoodie (was definitely eyeing it earlier).

Disclaimer: that is my homegirl’s hand. She gets all the credit because she helped me win this $100 gift card. There was a trivia game in which six questions were asked, and whoever was first to tweet the right answer, wins. I wanted to win that fucking gift card and my homegirl knew I did. The question: “What is Rihanna’s real first name?” ROBYN. I literally have never tweeted so fast in my life and screamed of joy when I realized I was the winner. What a clever way to promote and get followers!


Rihanna Fenty x Puma beauty bar next door to the pop-up shop.

FYI, there’s a beauty bar right next door to the pop-up shop, and it’s open until September 25. We got wristbands that gave us one complimentary service. Our options: an eyelash lift, nails, makeup, or a tooth gem. We giggled at the tooth gem option. Not so sure on that one.


Power 106’s 5th annual All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game.

Sunday, September 11

It’s finally here, the fifth annual Power 106 All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game. That’s a handful. Chris Brown is the star of the show, because who doesn’t want to see Breezy play ball?

It was held at the Galen Center at USC, and all proceeds went to Homeboy Industries. Super dope event for a good cause.

The security were extra strict today. Press were treated no different. We got to hang on the court, but they treated us like dogs. Right when we arrived, there was trouble in paradise. I don’t mean to deface his character further, but CB needs to calm down. He legit almost got in a fight for some dumb shit. Police had to come regulate.


Tank singing the national anthem.

On a positive note, Tank killed his rendition of the national anthem. His voice was perfect. Especially for a day like September 11. My heart goes out to all those who lost a loved one on this day. #NeverForget.

It was good to see everyone there, but the actual game itself had us snoozing a bit. The highlight would definitely have to be A-Trak spinning at halftime. Thanks for the RT! A-Trak goes so hard man. Every time.


Lil Dicky representing the blue team at the #Power106AllStars game.


DJ Pauly D and A-Track at the #Power106AllStars game.

Also, I got to tell Pauly D that I used to be obsessed with Jersey Shore. GTL baby (gym, tan laundry), GTL.

Mac Miller gets his ankles broken by @bonecollector6, Chris Brown couldn't believe it. ?? (Submitted by @dunkademics)

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This was the absolute best part of the entire game. Mac Miller falling. Oh my goodness. I watch this like fives times a day. Look at CB’s reaction too.


#TidalxUsher exclusive album listening party at Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A.

Monday, September 12

“Make em say ughhhhh. No limit, baby.” I literally could listen to this song on repeat and never get sick of it. When Usher announced his eighth studio album Hard II Love, it was already going to be dope from this track alone. Collabs with Future and Young Thug? Yes please.

This was an exclusive album listening party held by TIDAL at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown L.A. This venue is absolutely gorgeous, laced with extravagant decor and a fancy ambiance that made you feel important. Every time I go to an event here, I already know it’s going to be lit.

I must say, Big Boy walking out on stage was the greatest surprise. We knew there was going to be a Q&A listening session with Usher baby, but Big Boy was the cherry on top. The jokes were flying left and right.

First off, I want to take note of Usher’s creative process behind this statue/cover art. He went into detail at the event, but this caption summarizes it perfectly. Tell me that ain’t deep? They used his actual body for the mold of the statue too. Usher revealed having to sit there while wrapped up for three hours without being able to see or speak. How crazy is that?!

They showed us footage. Mummy status.


Big Boy asking Usher questions about his new album Hard II Love

They literally walked us through each track on the album. “Rivals” featuring Future had me turning up in my seat. I noticed Usher is definitely in his feelings on this project. That’s when an artist puts out his best work right? Lots of relationship insight and advice were given throughout the session.

Speaking of, “Tell Me” was one for the books, or bedroom. The record is a real intimate slow jam, at which point Big Boy goes, “I just wanna take my pants off right now.” The entire crowd laughed. Usher adds, “This song is gonna get a lot of people pregnant.”

The jokes went on about the length of the track (10 minutes) and how that was the ultimate test if you could last that long (doing the dirty). Comedy.

Shout out to Mo and Paris for kicking it with me, we had a ball. And shout out to the venue for providing the free popcorn. It was definitely necessary for the hour and a half we had to wait before the show actually began.

In the words of Usher, “Life is what happens when [you’re] making other plans.”


Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days In LA.

Tuesday, September 13

Today, Red Bull Sound Select announced the lineup for their 30 Days in LA concert series in November. LIT. If you’re in LA, definitely mark your calendars. Pusha T, Dej Loaf, YG, Alunageorge… I’m here for it. Tickets go on sale September 20!


Cookies served on a platter with a glass of milk.

So why not celebrate this dope line-up outdoors on the rooftop of Neuehouse Hollywood? Yes please. First of all… LOOK AT THIS. The event description said cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, but this was next level. If you can’t tell, it’s fresh chocolate chip cookies on top of a glass of milk. Served on a platter. Red Bull literally just killed the game.

30Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days In LA announcement party.

There was a live performance by Bob Moses, who not very many people were familiar with. Who doesn’t love live music though? They also had the projector rolling, promoting each show on the lineup. Super lit.

The best part of the night was us huddled in a circle trying to figure out if this dude was G-Eazy or not. We kept going back and forth on different aspects of his outfit or face that made us second guess it even more. I ran to find my boss and he confirmed. It was him.

thanks @itsmetc15 for telling #geazy my love for the bay ?????? #hollywood

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“Ay G!” I thought it was hilarious he immediately responded to “G” when my boss called him over. With me being from The Bay, I’ve been a fan since day one. He said he literally just got back from tour in Europe and was so beat. I could only imagine. He also introduced to his girlfriend. Sorry ladies, young Gerald is taken.

I told him I was at Hiero Day and he said he was supposed to do a surprise set. That would have been too lit. Oakland is his hometown. I love the way he talks though … exactly how he raps.