When Atlanta newcomer Madeintyo dropped the track “Uber Everywhere,” in February to the Hip Hop world, fans and competition alike chose to take notice. Whether it was the countless “skrt skrt” adlibs, or the name dropping of Kylie Jenner, the former military brat snuck his way onto the Billboard chart and into the good graces of a solid listenership, one of which was G.O.O.D. Music’s loner-turned-rockstar Travis Scott.

Scott chose to put his own spin on the track, uploading his remix to his Soundcloud account four months ago. And while Madeintyo shot his own video for the breakthrough track, the two came together to shoot an official collab video after La Flame’s remix made some headroom on the web.

Watch La Flame and Tyo turning up in the desert Mad Max style with some American muscle.

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