Kodak Black left his fans worried about his wellbeing over the weekend after the Florida rapper gave a bizarre interview in which he was barely comprehensible.

On Saturday (December 4), vloggers Zias and B. Lou — owners of the ZIAS! YouTube channel — uploaded a “Super Gremlin” reaction video featuring Kodak himself. However, it became clear barely a minute in that this would be no ordinary reaction video as Yak gave a bugged-out response after Zias asked how he’s doing.

“Nah, tied,” he corrected the YouTuber, who thought he said he was tired. “Like tied, like they dead… and they dead like flies… flies, like flies everywhere… ’cause he dead.”

Throughout the rest of the video, the 24-year-old rapper appeared to be in his own world while barely paying attention to Zias and B. Lou’s questions. At one point, he hunched over and closed his eyes as if he was about to fall asleep, before suddenly springing back up and shaking his head to wake himself up.

When he did engage in conversation, Kodak’s speech was noticeably slurred and he came out with more bizarre quotes, such as comparing the experience of listening to “Super Gremlin” to taking crack.

“That shit is just, like, crazy, homie … That bitch just hit different when you play it,” he said. “It’s like every time you listen to that shit, that shit just do something. It’s like that bitch got crack in it, ya heard?”

He later clarified, “I don’t know ’cause I don’t smoke crack or none of that crazy shit, but it got some shit on that, boy. I feel like I can’t even breathe if I don’t listen to that muthafucka.”

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As footage from the reaction video made the rounds on social media, Kodak Black fans expressed their concern for the rapper’s wellbeing.

“What’s going on with Kodak Black? Man is on another plane of existence here,” one Twitter user wrote. “Hope he has some good people around him. This shit is sad.”

“Hate to see Kodak Black like this man,” another fan wrote, while another added, “Kodak Black actually need some help.”

After catching wind of their concern, Kodak Black took to Twitter on Sunday (December 5) to reassure his fans he’s ok. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper clarified he wasn’t high on any drugs during the interview given the court-ordered drug tests he currently has to take.

Kodak Black entered a three-month treatment program in September after failing a drug test, violating the terms of his supervised prison release in his federal gun case. Marijuana and ecstacy (MDMA) were found in his system.

Instead, the Pompano Beach native chalked his behavior down to the impact of his tireless, 18-hours-a-day work schedule.

“Lol I B Fakin Like I’m Sleepy Ion B High Guys I Get Drug Tested Consistently,” he wrote. “Dat mean ion really wanna talk or ain’t hearing what you saying forreal when I close my eyes like dat ! Anyways a n-gga be up 18 hrs skr8 everyday grinding.”

This isn’t the only bizarre thing Kodak Black has done this year. In October, the Pompano Beach native was captured groping his mother’s rear end and trying to kiss her on the mouth while dancing with her at a family birthday party.

His explanation didn’t exactly help wipe the look of disgust from peoples’ faces. “I grab her, like I make her feel real beautiful,” he said after the clip went viral. “I remind my mama, ‘You beautiful, I’m fucked up bout you ma, I’m in love with you.’”

Before that, Kodak tossed $100,000 into the ocean and stuffed $100 bills down the toilet amid his beef with his Sniper Gang signee Jackboy.