Miami, FL - 

Kodak Black was out celebrating at a Miami birthday party over the weekend where he took his mother, Marcelene Octave, for a spin on the dance floor — but that’s where things got weird.

In a viral clip of Kodak and Octave, the Bill Israel rapper grabs her rear end and attempts to kiss her on the mouth as she laughs and pulls away. Comments started pouring in on Sunday (October 10) that ranged from disgust to utter confusion.

“Nah Kodak violating his own mommas ass cheeks is WILD!!!!” one person wrote. “What in the Z shit is this y’all Florida n-ggas some sick sickos. #Repent.”

Another wrote, “That video of Kodak black grabbing his mom on the ass and tryna kiss her on the lips is disgusting. She even looked uncomfortable when he was tryna do that.”

The viral video follows Kodak Black’s recent cry for help. Last week, Yak fired off a series of tweets that suggested he was on the brink of committing suicide then deactivated his social media accounts.

But on Saturday (October 9), he let his fans know he was feeling better and wasn’t suicidal.

“I mean maybe that wasn’t the best thing to tweet and very selfish of me to let a thought like that succumb,” he began. “I apologize to me for doubting myself like I ain’t a raw ass gangsta ass n-gga but thugs need love too you know and it’s totally unfair to the people that DO love me, that DO care & wanna see me happy and successful, however that looks like!”

Kodak Black Addresses Suicidal Tweet: 'Thugs Need Love Too'

He added, “I understand I made a bold statement, but don’t worry I’m not suicidal and have no plans on harming myself. I been in maximum prisons people committing suicide and die from the hands of their cell mates right next to me, I been beaten by authorities 1,000 miles away from home no point of contact to family, never contemplated taking myself out.

“I got a great support system & surrounded by love, somebody put a false rumor in my head that drove me to the edge that I can’t say but all in all I’m ok! I’m really in need of a vacation but being on probation keep me stuck in this unhealthy environment where my only choice is running round the hood thuggin.”

Kodak Black recently entered a 90-day rehab program for failing a drug test.