Bow Wow and Soulja Boy’s pre-Verzuz social media back-and-forth has resulted in one of the most entertaining battles between Hip Hop frienemies since the years-long Funk Flex-fueled feud between Drake and Meek Mill — which the two superstars squashed back in 2018.

Their seemingly neverending array of assaults on each other’s characters have evolved over the weeks leading up to their Verzuz face-off, with themes of the NBA post-season, income inequality and more making an appearance in the mix.

In light of Bow Wow and Soulja Boy’s blow-for-blow slugfest leading up to their Verzuz event, HipHopDX has decided to run back the receipts of the disrespectful narrative and lay out why both rappers need new friends after this level of pettiness.

It all started as a friendly competition between Shad and Cortez.

Days after Bow Wow praised Soulja Boy for his influence on the culture, he decided to give the “Crank Dat” hitmaker a chance to back out of their Verzuz in a blatant attempt to publicly son Soulja.

“Lil bro, @souljaboy i really care for you bro,” Bow Wow tweeted on Friday (May 29). “You still have time to back out the battle i don’t wanna do you like this. Let’s just be friends.”

Soulja Boy responded almost immediately to Bow Wow’s post by welcoming the free smoke, writing, “Back outttt???!!! I want all the smoke Shad [Moss]. Something tells me you underestimating big Draco I gotta show u.”

It seems Soulja using Bow Wow’s first name pushed him over the edge as he drew a line in the sand of his timeline and replied, “Aww hell naw! You just called me my government? This means war cortez.”

Then Soulja Boy went in for the kill on Instagram with a fast-talking, fast-car-flexing post aimed at finishing Bow Wow even before the Verzuz was official.

On June 3, Soulja Boy got on Instagram to troll Bow Wow by betting on their Verzuz battle with a dusty, decade-old red Lamborghini.

“If you win the Verzuz, I give you the pink slip to my Lambo,” Soulja Boy said in the video. “I bet $100,000 that you do not got your Lambo still. I still got my same Lambo, I bought my shit cash.”

He continued in the caption of his Instagram post, “lil pee wee @shadmoss.”


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According to Soulja Boy’s Google search, his net worth is $30 million while Bow Wow’s is reportedly around $1.5 million.

Pressing salt into the already gaping gash to his competitor’s pockets, Soulja Boy compared his net worth with Bow Wow’s on Twitter, adding in negative, financial intimidation to his evaluation of their assets.

“Damn @smoss im up 28 M’s on u Lil pee wee,” he said. “u worried about hair cuts get ya money up.”

Bow Wow countered with an uppercut aimed at Soulja Boy’s head top — specifically in the direction of his hairline.

Not shaken by the slander to his pockets, Bow Wow hit Soulja Boy upside his head with his tweet critique of Draco’s unique braids.

“Where this man hairline go… GOT DAAAAYUMN!” Bow Wow tweeted. “Soulja got them braids women get when they getting a sow in.”


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At one point, Bow Wow seemed to wave the white flag, reminding fans the “beef” with Soulja Boy was all for show — or so he says.

Bow Wow described his unique, lifelong relationship with Soulja Boy as unwavering, explaining how they like drag each other on the regular in real life and on social media via Twitter on June 8.

“Please get this clear,” Bow Wow began in his tweet. “Soulja is my brotha for life. We will never in life beef. This is fun and games. I see fans like awww man here they go…. thats my dawg and thats why we can bag on each other the way we do. You guys have nothing to worry about.”

But following Soulja Boy’s public meltdown after Charlamagne Tha God tested his gangster, Bow Wow couldn’t help but bring Big Draco down to size.

Following Bow Wow’s head-on public assault on Soulja Boy’s questionable hairline, he took aim at Big Draco’s head top again in a barrage of tweets on Monday (June 21), following the “She Make It Clap” rapper’s #BowWowChallenge Instagram throwback sneak diss.

“Soulja just stop,” he began. “Like literally stop…. The diff w/ me and you is.. YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT MUSIC. I don’t. Ill be in the box office this weekend while you sit at home in your living room yelling on live at no one.”

All hell broke loose from there and both rapper’s insults became increasingly personal.

Along with the F9 jab, Bow Wow flexed on his fellow Millennium Tour co-performer by belittling his bag and offering a seat at the table within Shad Moss enterprises.

“Soulja I know how much you getting paid on the millennium tour… you’ll make more being my assistant,” Bow Wow taunted. “Play fair. See you saturday lil brother. #headliners vs #openingacts [peace emoji]. Soulja is the ben simmons of the rap game. Go rehearse and get off the internet. See you Saturday cap gun.”

Things only got worse from there when Bow Wow poked the bear again and compared Soulja Boy to a flickering star NBA point guard.

Bow wow continued by comparing Soulja Boy and his music career to NBA point guard Ben Simmons and his deflated 76ers, who were just ousted from the second round of the playoffs after losing to Trae “Ice Tray” Young and the Atlanta Hawks in a game seven upset at home in the city of brotherly love.

It’s worth noting Ben Simmons, former first-round pick, didn’t even score double digits in the loss, which may be why Bow Wow attempted to compare Soulja Boy with the baller whom many think outlived his potential.

“Soulja is the ben simmons of the rap game,” Bow Wow implied. “Go rehearse and get off the internet. See you Saturday cap gun.”

Bow Wow’s Sixers comments seemed to strike a nerve as Soulja Boy fired back with a comparison of his own.

Fixated on Bow Wow’s upcoming premiere for the Fast and Furious movie franchise, Soulja Boy absolutely degraded his Verzuz competitor’s acting career by using Cardi B and her role in F9 as an uppercut blow to put Shad Moss in check.

“Bro you not starring In that movie you an EXTRA, Cardi b got a bigger part than u shad” Soulja Boy replied quoting Bow Wow’s original tweet.

From there, Soulja Boy let the Draco ring out in a rapid-fire Twitter shoutout with Bow Wow.

“Bow wow never shot nobody. I let the Draco go off,” he began.

Bow Wow responded by clowning Soulja Boy for his recent Instagram Live meltdown/tell-all following his re-ignited feud with Charlamagne Tha God last week, which was exacerbated by producer Hitmaka.

“Dont forget you sold crack too. Just didnt want to blemish your street cred,” he wrote, ending with a crying laughing emoji.

After calling Shad a snitch, Soulja Boy replied by reminding Bow Wow who the true king of cap is once again.

“It’s ok bow wow because of me u get to fly private for real for verzuz u don’t gotta cap no more wit the challenge and commercial spirit flights,” he fired back.

The pair continued to go at it, with Soulja Boy digging deep into his bag of sneak disses in an attempt to off Bow Wow for good.

“This why bow wow really mad he my uncle now shad,” he wrote in a tweet alongside a throwback photos of Snoop Dogg.

By this point, the momentum shifted and Soulja Boy began to gain on Bow Wow.

“I’m #27 at Urban Radio today bow wow I don’t see your name,” Soulja Boy teased with a screenshot of airplay charts.

And to put the finishing touches, Soulja not only claimed Bow Wow fell off, he ultimately undermined his financial investments before easing up.

“I bet bow wow don’t even own a Bitcoin. Ok I’m done,” he proclaimed. 

All jokes aside, both Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have reminded fans on multiple occasions their social media spats are all a part of the promotion of the upcoming Verzuz battle, which each insists will be “larger than life,” and a treat for fans.

Bow Wow Has To Remind Fans ‘Beef’ With Soulja Boy Is All Fun & Games

Fans will get the chance to see Bow Wow and Soulja Boy go head to head in their Verzuz battle on June 26 via Triller.