Bow Wow and Soulja Boy will face off in a Verzuz battle next month, bringing their catalog of mid-2000s hits to the digital Triller stage. Ahead of the battle, the two former teen rap stars have been trading shots on Twitter and Friday (May 28) was no different.

Not long after Bow Wow praised Soulja Boy for his contributions to rap culture, he decided to give the “Crank Dat” hitmaker a chance to change his mind.

“Im ready!” Bow Wow tweeted. “You know what the hold up is. They gotta couple more battles to do. Then we meet. Unless you ready today?” then added the following day, “Lil bro, @souljaboy i really care for you bro. You still have time to back out the battle i don’t wanna do you like this. Let’s just be friends.”

Of course, Soulja Boy didn’t take long to respond to Bow Wow’s taunts and fired back, “Back outttt???!!! I want all the smoke Shad [Moss]. Something tells me you underestimating big Draco I gotta show u.”

Bow Wow was seemingly bothered by Soulja using his real first name and replied, “Aww hell naw! You just called me my government? This means war cortez.”

But Soulja Boy was undeterred and predicted Bow Wow’s grim Verzuz future before taking another jab.

“Bow wow finna go out sad,” he wrote. “Ok shad Gregory Moss. Finna crank bow wow ASS off the stage like sandman used to snatch them off Apollo.”

Verzuz co-founder Swizz Beatz confirmed the Bow Wow and Soulja Boy showdown during an interview with DJ Quick Silva and Dominique Da Diva on the Quick Silva Show last week.

Bow Wow & Soulja Boy Call Their Upcoming Verzuz 'Bigger Than Life'

“We ain’t get into the date yet; they got excited, which I’m happy [about],” Swizz Beatz said. “I love to see when people get excited and it’s organic. Everything don’t have to be formal all the time, you know? So, we’re gonna roll out a whole calendar that’s gonna show you the next five-plus Verzuz.”

As Swizz noted, the official date has yet to be confirmed.