Soulja Boy was immortalized into meme infamy after his January 2019 interview The Breakfast Club in which he hilariously claimed Drake only exists because of him.

“Drake?! Drake?! The n-gga that got bodied by Pusha T?” he said at the time. “The n-gga that was hiding his kid from the world, but the world wasn’t hiding from the kid? Drake!? Y’all n-ggas betta stop playin’ in here. Stop playin’ like I didn’t teach Drake everything he knows [starts singing Drake’s ‘Miss Me’]. That’s Souja! That’s my bar! He copy my whole fuckin’ flow! Word-for-word. Bar-for-bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake. Don’t do that.”

Over two years later, the “Crank Dat” rapper is sticking to his story. On Wednesday (March 17), just one day after Drake publicly thanked Bow Wow for the career inspiration, Soulja hopped on Twitter and wrote, “That n-gga drake is hilarious. Dude stole my whole bar then thanked bow wow.”

Soulja doesn’t just claim responsibility for Drake. During the original Breakfast Club interview, he also said he created the internet.

“I have plenty of No. 1s,” he said. “I started this internet. I started the wave. I’m the reason why these new artists are getting signed. I’m the reason there’s a Lil Pump. I discovered Chief Keef. I’m the first big artist to work with Lil B, Chief Keef, RiFF RAFF, anybody. Any of these artists that are hot right now.”

In February 2019, Soulja shared  a private Instagram message Drake sent him following the viral interview.

“You know it’s always been love all jokes aside…I dunno know if you was serious about the video thing but I never knew you wanted to do a video for we made it you know I would have done that shit,” Drake wrote about their 2013 “We Made It” collab. “But on some real shit Draaaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?! kill that show.”

Drake Thanks Bow Wow (In Person) For Career Inspiration & Celebrates With Quavo & J Prince At ‘Scary Hours 1-2-3’ Party

Drake wasn’t thinking about Soulja when all three songs from the Scary Hours 2 project debuted in the top three Billboard Hot 100 slots earlier this week. Instead, he promptly met up with Bow Wow in Houston and shared the Instagram moment with his 77.2 million followers.

“I had to link with Wizzle,” he said in the clip. “Everybody wants to have drinks and everybody wants to celebrate and turn up and, you know, I just had to see Wizzle. I had to see Wizzle in person. If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be no me. That’s why — you know the rest, that’s why I’mma rock with y’all forever more.”

Clearly Soulja begs to differ.