TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Red Bull Music 3Style, the world’s largest global DJ competition, will completely take over Taipei, Taiwan later this month and the official rundown of finalists has just been revealed.

The Grand Finale caps off a year-long 2018 competition where 24 renown DJs (each of whom first won the title in their home country) will compete for the crown. Two-time final champ DJ J. Espinosa will be representing the United States once again this year.

Veteran turntablists DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid, DJ Craze, Nina Las Vegas, and DJ Nu-Mark will also serve as the prestigious judges. Their rating criteria includes originality (40%), skill (25%), track selection (20%) and crowd reaction (15%).

The festivities commence on January 23-27, 2019. Check down below for the full list of participants and schedule events.

2019 Red Bull 3Style World Finalists

Doc Trashz, Italy

Ronfa, Switzerland

ONDRASH, Czech Republic

Praktyczna Pani, Poland

Mighty Atom, United Kingdom

HAMMA, France

FISA, Chile


Georgia, Mexico

Trapment, Canada

Lautaro Palenque, Argentina

Ameeth Shah, South Africa

DJ Beats, Lebanon

DJ Worm, Russia

Mr. Tone, Germany

DJ-NUTTY, Thailand

Mark Thompson, Philippines

Redef, South Korea

Fummy, Japan

DJ Afro, Taiwan

Plus, 3 Wild Card participants:

Ride, Portugal

Turne, Netherlands

O-One, Sweden



Qualifying Rounds: Event Begins at 11:30 PM

· Wednesday, January 23 – Qualifier 1: AI Nightclub Taipei (No. 12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District)

· Thursday, January 24 – Qualifier 2: KLASH Taipei (No. 22 Songshou Road, Xinyi District)

· Friday, January 25 – Qualifier 3: Franny Club (No. 18, Songshou Road, Xinyi District)

· Saturday, January 26 – Qualifier 4: Omni Taipei (No. 201, Sec. 4, Zhong Xiao East Road)

Grand Finale: Event Begins at 6:00 PM

· Sunday, January 27 – Grand Finale: W Taipei (No. 10, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District)