HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, Cardi B revealed her split with Offset and indicated she’s getting a divorce from the Migos member. Also, Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the 2019 Oscars after some homophobic tweets resurfaced. Lastly, nominees for next year’s Grammy Awards ceremony were unveiled.

Cardi B & Offset Break Up

That’s right kiddos. Cardi B and Offset are no longer an item. And it may or may not have something to do with a woman named Summer Bunni, who offered a tearful apology to Cardi once the news went public. What’s certain, however, is the Grammy Award-nominated rap star is done with Offset’s shenanigans.

“I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for how many now,” Cardi said in a video announcing the split. “And we’re really good friends and really good business partners. We’ve got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out for us for a long time.

“It’s nobody’s fault. I just guess we grew out of love. But we’re not together anymore. I’ll always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father.”

Offset’s response? “Y’all won.”

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Kevin Hart Backs Out Of Hosting Oscars

Kevin Hart was set to host the 2019 Academy Awards, a longtime goal for the 39-year-old comedian. That opportunity quickly came to an end once some old tweets popped up of him using gay slurs and making homophobic comments.

Though he previously made apologies for the unsavory language used, the tweets became a hot topic on social media. The backlash threatened his new gig, so he chose to bow out of the hosting duties.

D.L. Hughley, Michael Blackson and Tony Rock were among the comedians who have come to Hart’s defense. Snoop Dogg also advised Kev to “tell The Academy to suck a dick or die tryin’” while Nick Cannon pulled up old tweets from comedians Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman using the same kind of homophobic language.

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And The 2019 Grammy Award Nominees Are…

Nominees for the 2019 Grammy Awards came out this week.

Kendrick Lamar led the entire pack with eight nods. Drake followed close behind with seven nominations of his own. The late Mac Miller earned a posthumous bid for his work on Swimming in the Best Rap Album category, earning his first nomination for the prestigious award.

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Utkarsh Ambudkar Talks The Beatards, Hip Hop’s Influence & Live-Action “Mulan”

Actor Utkarsh Ambudkar, known for being a VJ for MTV Desi and his role in blockbuster film Pitch Perfect, credits Hip Hop for his acting career in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX writer Bernadette Giacomazzo.

“I 100 percent would not have an acting career if it wasn’t for Hip Hop,” he tells HipHopDX. “All of my early roles were either influenced by or utilized Hip Hop skills. I got to rap and beatbox in Pitch Perfect, got to rap on The Mindy Project, and Barbershop: The Next Cut is told solely through the language of Hip Hop. It has given me a career, 100 percent.”

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UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley Crowns Joyner Lucas Reigning Fight Music Champ

UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley sat down with DX’s Jake Rohn and broke down the best kind of fight music.

Besides his own fight song “I’ll Beat Yo Ass” with Wiz Khalifa, the champ names Joyner Lucas and Eminem’s “Lucky You” as the best soundtrack to a beating.

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