Los Angeles, CA – Now that Snoop Dogg has approved of Kevin Hart’s status within the rap community, a notable gaggle of the outed Oscar host’s fellow comedians are going to bat for him while explaining the slippery slope that comes with telling unabashed jokes.

First up, Michael Blackson surprisingly dropped his belligerent African schtick with TMZ in Hollywood to explain why he feels Hart got slighted.

“Especially Black comedians … we all have said things in our lifetime … that was a hot topic to talk about,” Blackson elaborated while noting that the only “perfect” Black comedian is currently rotting in jail.

Blackson was also leery that The Academy didn’t know about Hart’s controversy beforehand.

“That’s like you propose to a woman — and then you don’t show up to the wedding,” he quipped. “You knew she was a hoe!”

Meanwhile, up the street at the Hollywood Improv, Chris Rock’s younger brother Tony told TMZ he disagreed with Hart exiting himself from the ceremony but raised some interesting points on what being an accepted member in these United States truly means.

“The double edge sword is this — gay people, at some point you’re going to have to accept being made fun of,” Rock explained. “That’s what acceptance is!”

“To be embraced in society is to be able to have other members of society poke fun at you and make fun of the way you dress, and the way you act and the things you say and your mannerisms. That’s what acceptance is!” he repeated.

Rock concluded that if comedy clubs are the only place the First Amendment is truly upheld, then society needs to be readjusted as far as he’s concerned.

Last but certainly not least, D.L. Hughley, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, was far less diplomatic with his reaction, opting to subscribe to the Snoop Dogg modus operandi of defiance.

After his multitude of followers asked for his opinion, he ended an Instagram public service announcement with, “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

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On Thursday (December 6), Hart officially withdrew from hosting the 2019 Academy Awards. His replacement has yet to be named.