Well, it was great while it lasted. Cardi B and Offset, two of Hip Hop’s brightest stars, have perceivably called it quits on their marriage.

It’s a shame that two artists at the height of their powers, brimming with mainstream success, created a bond and family who has been sadly broken.

But did we see this coming?

Many would say yes because of the Migos rapper’s constant alleged infidelities. Some would argue that it’s hard for high-profile couples to keep their relationship with conflicting schedules, constantly being in the public eye and social media getting in the way of their relationship.

Let’s review the ups and downs of Hip Hop’s most celebrated couple over the past two years.

They Fell In Love At First “Lick”

Here’s a prime example of life imitating art and vice versa. On January 20, 2017, months before Cardi B became a household name with her breakout single “Bodak Yellow,” the Bronx rapper and Offset made their first collaboration video for the track “Lick” from her Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 mixtape. In the video, you’ll notice their undeniable chemistry as if it’s love at first sight. According to multiple accounts, the pair began dating shortly thereafter in February 2017.

Offset & Cardi B Show Up Together At The Super Bowl

Aside from the Atlanta Falcons historic collapse to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, the other biggest story of the game was Cardi and Offset attending the game together on February 5, 2017. When they were spotted together, social media spotted them like paparazzi for the new couple alert. Just over a week later on Valentine’s Day, Cardi replied in a tweet to a fan about how much Offset’s heart was stuck on her.

…But They Claim It Ain’t So? Yeah, Right.

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The word was out that these two lovebirds were chirping loudly at each other in their newly made nest. But during a Fader interview in March 2017, Cardi B tried to deny her involvement with Offset.

“I’m not saying I’m dating an Atlanta guy,” she said when asked about Offset.

Also, during an interview with Tim Westwood one month later, Offset and his Migos brethren was asked about being an item with Cardi B by Tim Westwood. In the clip above at the 4:22 minute mark, all three Migos went silent.

“Cardi B and Migos, imagine the children, man,” Westwood said.

Great foreshadowing from Westwood about Cardi B and Offset’s future together.

Cardi B Goes Apeshit About Offset Being Spotted With Amber Rose at Coachella

Social media is a mutha when it comes to relationships. Things turned out to be a bad look for Offset when he was spotted with the “Muva” Amber Rose at Coachella in April 2017.

In the clip above, Cardi B angrily aired out her feelings upon the news of Offset reportedly engaging in some PDA with Rose.

Cardi and Rose would later patch things up when their respective beaus Offset and 21 Savage took them to the famous Atlanta strip joint Magic City in Atlanta in August 2017.

Offset and Cardi B Show Up To Met Gala Together

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This was when they officially became a couple to the media. In May 2017, Cardi B and Offset showed up on the steps at the annual posh New York City event to make people take notice to their swag together.

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…But She Says He’s Just A Friend (Again)

Cardi B backtracked on her claim about Offset loving her in that Valentine’s Day tweet seen around the Twittersphere. In an additional June 2017 Fader interview, Cardi denies being linked to Offset and talked about being just friends with Migos as a unit.

“It’s been a blessing, me meeting him and meeting his friends,”Cardi said about Offset and Migos. “I see how hard they work. And that motivated me to work even harder.” During the interview Cardi B refused to call Offset by his name, and mentioned him as “the boy” and stated about their time together that “a lot of positive things came out of that.”

The more that she tried to circumvent the subject, she deserved the “Why You Always Lyin'” meme.

Offset Showers Cardi B With The Finer Things In Life

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Bloody Moves… @iamcardib ??

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Although she didn’t bring him to the BET Award in June 2017, Offset spent a lot of coin on Cardi B in Beverly Hills around that time.

According to HollywoodLife, Offset splurged to the tune of $50,000 dollars on her. Then in July 2017, the Migos MC laced Cardi backstage at a Meek Mill concert with a $60,000-dollar chain with a red nail and red bandana on the emblem’s wrist to symbolize her Blood-affiliation.

Why? Because he can. Simple question, simple answer.

Cardi B and Offset Engagement Rumors Surface

In May 2017, Cardi B stated in a since-deleted Instagram video that she didn’t see marriage to Offset in the near future. But a lot seemingly change after a summer romance.

An inside source to Cardi told HollywoodLife that she was willing to get hitched to Offset in August 2017.  They began looking at engagement rings that month.

“If he does ask her, she’ll say, ‘yes,’” the insider said. “Forget what she said about not wanting to get married. She would love to marry (Offset).”

He’s not like any other guy she’s ever been with. The support he gives her is beyond comparison and he’s her ride or die.”

Offset Shows She’s The One On Instagram For Her Birthday

Offset posted a clip of himself boo’d up with Cardi B for her birthday on October 11, 2017. The caption read “SHE’S MINE IT’S YOUR DAY” with multiple hearts and middle finder emojis.

In another post for her birthday, put multiple rings and crowned female emojis. That was his way of saying that he was going to take her to the chapel soon.

Cardi B Sparks Speculation She’s Back To Being Single

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Thoughts #Roommates? ?

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After the rubber hit the road on their relationship, the “Be Careful” rapper supposedly hit the brakes on their relationship. There was widespread speculation about their breakup because of the captions “Single” and “Peace Nikka” she posted two questionable photos of herself on her Instagram account just ten days after her birthday on Oct. 21, 2017. It seemed that this would be one of the off-moments for their on-again-off-again love affair.

On the next day, Cardi explained in a series of tweets that she accused Offset of stealing her beloved blanket as to why they got into their dissent. However, she found out that he wasn’t the culprit and all was forgiven.

Cardi further cleared the air as she explained on her Instagram story, “So listen babes, I exaggerated a lil but earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme. I came to my senses now. Im sorry … waffle house on me ?” She added, “I’m in this full off love in my mental 247 stage.”

The pair officially went from breakup-to-makeup when they hit up a loving couple’s utopia, Magic City strip club in ATL, on Oct. 25, 2017.

Cardi B Rides With Offset and Migos Atop The Charts With “Motorsport”

The track “Motorsport” had many multiple subplots for Cardi B and Migos. Released on Oct. 27, 2017, the track capped off 2017 as the year in which rose to the apex of their fame. It also peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Plus, the recording of the song caused a division between Cardi and the track’s other collaborator Nicki Minaj.

Lastly, when Cardi ends her verse calling herself “the trap Selena,” just remember that name for another person of the same name down in this timeline who would come in between Cardi and her man.

Cardi B and Offset Get Engaged…After They Were Already Married

In storybook fashion, Offset got down on one knee and popped the question to the love of his life onstage during a Migos concert in Philadelphia. It was quite befitting that it happened the same day that “Motorsport” dropped.

But in a weird twist, the couple’s marriage certificate was revealed by TMZ that they tied the knot one month prior in Atlanta. Cardi tweeted about this in June 2018 and claimed that this was why she titled her debut album Invasion of Privacy.

Celina Powell Claims Offset Is The Father Of Her Child

In August 2017, Instagram model Celina Powell tagged Cardi B’s handle and a comment that said “didn’t I tell you to come get ya man?” This came with a posted clip of Offset from her ‘Gram account that alleged he had hollered at her.

Four months later in December, Powell claimed that she had a lovechild with the Offset. Powell also claimed to have a paternity test and sonogram to prove that she was expecting his child, but Offset claimed that he never met the her. Cardi B rode with her man on this one. The “trap Selena” shot down the claims from the other “Celina” who could have caused a huge rift in their marriage.

That wouldn’t be the end of Powell coming after Offset. In March 2018, she claimed to have kept screenshots of his DMs. Offset struck back at Powell on Twitter about the chronology to refute her claims about their communication, and that the screenshots of the DMs she kept doesn’t match his avatar on her timeline.

Powell has a history of claiming to be pregnant with other rappers’ kids including Fetty Wap and Chief Keef. Powell later admitted that she faked the paternity test, and publicly apologized to Cardi B in May 2018.

Cardi B Reveals She Is Pregnant on Saturday Night Live

Cardi B was riding high from the success of her debut album which was released in April 2018. That same month, she revealed a baby bump as she performed her ominous single “Be Careful” on SNL. There had been rumors swirling about her preggers, but this was the confirmation that she was six months along due in the July.

Cardi B and Offset Grace The Cover Of Rolling Stone

Photo: Ruvan Afanador/Rolling Stone

In June 2018, just five months after Migos were put on the cover of Rolling Stone for their Culture II album, Cardi B and Offset were put on the cover of the magazine. With her pregnant belly being kissed by her husband, the image showed that the couple were at the top of the pops.

The Birth Of Kulture

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Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18?? @offsetyrn

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Cardi B and Offset welcomed their newborn daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus to the world on July 10, 2018. Cardi B made the announcement of the child’s birth on her Instagram account. The couple’s name is glaringly similar to Migos’ studio album titles, but her daughter “culture” is spelled with a K. After all, Bloods don’t spell words with the letter “C.”

Cardi B Gets Arrested For Assaulting Offset’s Alleged Sidechick

On Oct. 1, 2018, Cardi B turned herself into police and was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, assault and reckless endangerment. According to TMZ, the charges stemmed from an incident involving her security that attacked two strippers named Jade and Baddi G with chairs, bottles and a hookah smoking device in an Angels strip club in Queens, New York on August 29. Cardi reportedly had a longstanding beef with Jade, who Cardi had accused to have sex with Offset. The attack also happened before Migos was scheduled to perform that same night.

Offset Gets Caught Talking With Cuban Doll

A couple of Offset’s “thots” were erroneously revealed again at the worst time right before Christmas.

On December 3, a 20-year-old Houston female rapper named Cuban Doll got egregiously exposed by her former best friend Mmmforeign on Instagram with a scathing caption tagging Cardi B’s and Offset’s handle that reads, “You wanna be cool with @iamcardib so bad but was texting @offset.”

This post caused a stir regarding some speculated menage a trois between Offset, Mmmforeign and Cuban Doll.

Cuban Doll tweeted in response to this Instagram post, “These bitches be so ready to switch sides, it’s crazy. It’s like we was never friends.”

Whether true or false, this situation is hard for any woman to live down for the future of their relationship finding out about a sidechick. Let alone two birds with one stone to crack the foundation of a marriage.

Cardi B Ends Her Relationship With Offset

All good things between Cardi and Offset seemingly came to an end on Tuesday (December 4, 2018) when she revealed that she and Offset were ending their marriage.

After the apparent troubles linked to a pending divorce came from Cuban Doll and Cardi claiming there were ongoing issues between the couple.

Cardi claimed in an Instagram video posted on her account that “it was nobody’s fault” for the dissolution of their relationship. The caption of the video reads, “There you go…peace and love.” Offset posted a cryptic comment that says, “Y’all won.”

It’s hard to tell whether this was to promote his solo single of the same title for his forthcoming solo album, or if it’s to reflect the haters who wanted to see them broken up.

Summer Bunni Apologizes For Being Offset’s Sidechick

Another one? A woman named Summer Bunni posted a video of herself tearfully apologizing to Cardi B for contributing to the demise of their marriage. Summer Bunni claims to have had an affair with Offset but stopped messing around with him once Kulture was born.

Cuban Doll Denies Involvement In All The Madness You Just Read

After receiving the most attention of her still budding career, Cuban Doll attempted to distance herself from the sensationlism. Which includes being intertwined in the alleged text messages you can see below.