[UPDATE] 21 Savage has responded to claims that he threatened Tyga’s life in a series of social media posts. The Atlanta rapper posted on Twitter early today (December 3) that videos circulating of him threatening the life of another rapper (seemingly Tyga), are old and the beef “ain’t dat serious.”

The feud started when 21 shared his affection for Tyga’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, on social media and then claimed he’d “tear that ass up.”

The beef escalated when Kylie previewed a clip of a 21 diss track by her man and then the Savage Mode rapper’s threats went viral. He also dissed T-Raww at a concert in Sacramento last night, but 21 is saying that’s as far as he took the feud.

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Tyga and 21 Savage are leveling up their beef faster than the repo man visits Tyga’s house. What at first started as simply 21 internet flirting with T-Raww’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, has now spawned into a real rap rivalry.

A clip of an apparent diss track directed toward 21 showed up on Kylie’s Snapchat yesterday (December 2). Over the beat to the Savage Mode cut “No Heart,” Tyga raps “Why you got one car in a 12-car garage? Sucking dick for a Ferrari,” probably referring to the very expensive gift that Drake gave to 21 for his birthday.

21 had an answer for that, though. He took to social media to seemingly threaten Tyga’s life.

“Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a rapper by the toe,” he said, hinting at Tyga’s name in the nursery rhyme before pulling out a gun and pretending to fire some shots. The post appears to have been deleted, but it was captured on Twitter.

That wasn’t all. Another post surfaced with more threats. 21 is wearing different clothes in the posts, so it’s unclear what the timeline of the comments is.

“You playing with the wrong one, fuckboy,” he said. “I’m gonna kill your bitch-ass. Not lying, bitch. Straight up. I’ve got motherfucking money to get, bitches to fuck, pussy-ass niggas to kill and now you on my list.”

Then he dissed the California rapper at a concert in Sacramento last night.

All of this comes after the two heated up the beef on Instagram. The Atlanta rapper ramped up his thirst for Kylie with a post yesterday of the young Kardashian posted up on an SUV quoting Drake’s “Back to Back.” This is after 21 made a strong declaration of admiration for the 19-year-old last week when he said he’d “tear that ass up,” a statement that got a co-sign from Future.

shoutout to my boss b****** wifing niggas

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You’ll remember that “Back to Back” was Drizzy’s diss track directed at Meek Mill, which clearly further fueled this beef. T-Raww posted his own pic to the Gram earlier in the day sending out some sort of shot probably directed to the Savage Mode rapper. In the post, Tyga sits comfortably in the seat of a Lamborghini next to his lady. Not a care in the world… for now.

Selling records being you, but still you want to be me

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