After having his red Ferrari repossessed twice, Tyga is now reportedly being sued over the luxury whip.

According to TMZ, an individual named Alex Benedict is suing Tyga after the rapper failed to make his lease payments on a Ferrari 488. In the documents, Benedict claims they agreed to a deal back in May but Tyga didn’t pay up, forcing him to have the car repossessed twice.

The car was first repossessed on August 31 but was returned a few days later after Tyga coughed up some of the money. The Compton, California rapper was then supposed to return the car on October 9 but, perhaps unsurprisingly, failed to do so. As a result, the car was repossessed again on November 8.

Benedict is seeking a reported $150,000 in damages.

Tyga later took to Twitter to react to the news, criticizing TMZ for repeatedly reporting on his apparent legal troubles.

“Y’all ain’t figure out tmz agenda yet? They been runnin the same stories on me for years,” Tyga tweeted before continuing in separate posts. “Meanwhile I’m out here winnin everyday check the real scores,” and “Mama good,son good,baddest chick, my homies good, new deal.movies.Good situation. Got hits makin mo hits nothin less than 60 a show BlessedUp #BITS2”

Check out Tyga’s tweets below.

Tyga continues to make the headlines for his legal issues. While celebrating his 27th birthday at the Penthouse Club in West Hollywood earlier this month, an unidentified man reportedly served Tyga with court papers.

Last week, HipHopDX gave Tyga the “No More Racks City” Turkey Award for his continued financial woes. To catch up on T-Raww’s 2016 money mishaps, of which there have been many, check out HipHopDX’s 2016 Turkey Awards.