Twista says that Tech N9ne and longtime producer The Legendary Traxster will appear on his forthcoming The Dark Horse album, but that he expects to only feature a few guests on the project.

“I’m going to keep the list short for the album,” the Chicago rapper says during an interview with VladTV.

Although Twista has collaborated with dozens of artists throughout his career, there are still several rappers with whom he’d like to work.

“I haven’t got in the studio with Jadakiss yet,” he says. “I haven’t got in with Talib Kweli. Me and him was talking about doing something before. It’s strange who you might hear me on a song with. So, it’s a lot of people out there that I’ve got on my wish list that I want to do songs with, just as a fan. 

“I like Kid Cudi’s music,” he continues. “I want to do something with him. I like Cee Lo Green. I like 2 Chainz. It’s a bunch of people, man. You know I like Eminem. We be bumpin’ Joey Bada$$, too. I gotta fuck with Joey Bada$$. I love his shit. Childish Gambio. It’s a bunch of people, man. My wish list could go on and on.”

As for a potential Eminem collaboration, Twista says he imagines it would be noteworthy.

“When you put the right creative minds together, you can get out something crazy,” he says. “So I always wonder what would happen if we was in the same studio working on a song ‘cause I know it would be something different because we could take it to a level that a lot of people couldn’t. So I just know it would be a fun-ass, dope-ass song.” 

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