Pusha T and 2 Chainz celebrated Tech N9ne’s work in the music industry during separate interviews on MTV’s Rap Fix yesterday (February 5). 

“When I heard [Tech N9ne] was gonna be here, I was like, ‘Oh, man, this is it,'” Pusha T said speaking to Tech N9ne. “Man, the business, man. I feel like you’ve mastered this business of music.” 

Pusha’s praise was echoed by 2 Chainz, who also appeared on Rap Fix.  

“That boy can rap, man,” 2 Chainz said during a different segment on the show. “When I first did the cypher for the [BET Hip Hop Awards]…I’m like, ‘Who gon’ be in the cypher?’ I promise to God, [Ludacris] said, ‘Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne.’ All I was thinkin’ was Luda, Busta Rhymes and this fool – they gon’ be tongue twistin’ to see who can rap the fastest. But God worked it out where he got rid of [Tech].” Tech N9ne performed in a separate cypher for the Award Show, one that included Kendrick Lamar. 

2 Chainz Celebrates Tech N9ne’s Wealth 

Chainz’s comments regarding the cypher were followed by additional praise for Tech N9ne. 

“This man’s rich, too” Chainz said, pointing to Tech. “Ask him how much money he got.” 

During the show, Tech revealed that he recently spent $4 million on a warehouse for Strange Music. 

“For all you rappers that’s gettin’ some money, he just put 4 million on his warehouse,” Chainz said. The comment was followed by Sway, who said he made a mistake when he stopped being a part of Tech N9ne’s management team years ago. “Slap yourself,” 2 Chainz said to Sway regarding this. “Stab yourself. 20 percent of that…That’s supposed to be you.” 

During the interview segments, Tech N9ne also said he is finalizing his Strangeulation album, a compilation project that includes artists from his Strange Music imprint. He is also set to begin working on a new album. When asked if Eminem would be involved in his upcoming album, Tech said he would have to get past Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg. Tech has previously spoken about his hopes for an Eminem collaboration on his solo projects

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