Although his fried chicken restaurant may have closed after only three months, Public Enemy member Flavor Flav isn’t quite ouf of hot water yet. The food distribution company that supplied Flav’s Friend Chicken with food products is suing FlavorFlav’s former partner for over $12,000.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Hawkeye Foodservice Distribution, Inc. is suing Flavor Flav’s former business partner and owner of Flav’s Friend Chicken Nicolo Cimino for back payments. The company is seeking $12,153 in damages plus interest and attorney’s fees.

This isn’t the first financial debacle Flavor Flav’s one-time restaurant has encountered since its closing. First, employees claimed that they could not cash their paychecks, and then, after the establishment closed, Flav’s other business partner Tommy Karas claimed that Flav illegally pocketed $30,000 from investors.