Chief Keef held a listening session for his highly anticipated upcoming project Bang 3. The event was held at Hologram USA in Beverly Hills, CA. While we were notified that the rapper from The Chi would be making a special hologram appearance, we didn’t realize the extent of the presentation. Of course, rap is never on time. Since the artist born Keith Cozart was stuck in traffic coming from Woodland Hills, Greek billionaire Alki David took the stage in hologram form and gave an impromptu demonstration of Hologram USA’s capabilities. David dropped Tupac’s Coachella hologram performance, followed by two naked women pleasuring each other, a lion, and then a hologram performance of Ray Charles.

When Interscope Records dropped Chief Keef in the late 2014, many were left wondering in which direction his music would turn. When Keef finally arrived, he shed light on the direction he is taking with his new sound. Keef officially announced that he is now signed to Alki David’s company When asked why a Chief Keef and FilmOn combination made sense, David described him as a “rare, independent artist with a big following” and said the two bonded because both are “crazy.” Alki emphasized that he likes to push boundaries, and Chief perfectly fits the part.

Here are 13 things we learned from the Bang 3 listening event:

Chief Keef Wanted Interscope To Drop Him

“The dropped part I really didn’t care about. I was actually working towards that. I knew the stuff that I was doing would get me dropped. I didn’t want to be with Interscope, actually. Jimmy [Iovine] left, too, so I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t want to be with them.’ I was already doing what I do—not going to shows, not coming to they shit. I was saying no to everything and I knew that was going to happen. It made me look at the bigger picture. And I met Alki, too. I’m glad to be with FilmOn. It made me look at the bigger picture of me and my music and how I need to grow up. I learned from mistakes. Everybody learns from their mistakes, but I didn’t really give a fuck. It didn’t make me go crazy. I don’t care, though. I really didn’t give no fuck.”

Chief Keef’s Friend Introduced Him To Alki David

“I hit Dro, one of my close ones. He was telling me about Alki and about Grant and just saying ‘Sosa, you need to know these people.’ I looked Alki up and he told me Alki is like you, crazy. I ain’t believe that until I met Alki. He beat me.”

Chief Keef Produces On Bang 3

Bang 3 is the new me. A lot of my fans want the old me, but they don’t know. They will see when Bang 3 comes out. I think it’s important to show them you can overcome something, anything. Like the situations I was in in Chicago, to the Interscope situation, you can overcome it. You gotta go grow up. I gotta show them. They need to know that this ain’t how it used to be with all that run around bang-bang. I talk about nothing but money, actually. All I talk about is coming to get some fucking money because that’s what I really love to do: Get money. All I came for is the money. I love money.”

Bang 3 is way different than Finally Rich. And plus, I’m doing a lot of the production. I’m producing a lot of all that. ‘Came For The Money,’ a lot of songs is actually produced by me. It’s different because I have a different sound I’m bringing to the production world. I don’t think you’ve ever heard what I be doing when I’m producing something. Bang 3 is way different than [Bang 2] and Finally Rich and [Bang] and all the other projects I put out. Before Bang 3 it’s way different. It’s different and it’s going to be epic.”

A$AP Rocky Is Featured On Bang 3

“I don’t really do features. I’m not really a big feature type of person. It’s all me. I think I got my cousin Tadoe. Oh I forgot, A$AP Rocky on ‘Superhero.’ It’s actually all me. I’m not big on features and getting on tracks with people. I just like doing my own thing”

Cozart Will Be Released After Bang 3

“I don’t know. I know it’s gonna be something new from what I’d done on Bang 3. There ain’t gonna be nothing the same. I’m gonna try to go another way. I like to keep going different ways and keep it the same.I don’t copy. I come up with my own stuff, my own everything.”

Cousin’s Death Was Chief Keef’s Biggest Lesson

“My cousin getting killed was the biggest lesson. I know he would want me to be a better person and do better. When that happened, he jumped in me. He used to just go crazy and all type of stuff. He brought me back. I keep it simple because I used to go crazy with all types of metaphors and punchlines. When that happened, that was just my biggest lesson. It taught me that it’s time to grow up and do what you gotta do and make stuff happen. That changed me a lot.”

Chief Keef Supports ‘Stop The Violence’ Campaign

“I’m with the ‘Stop The Violence’ campaign. That’s why I paintball now. Everybody go pick up some paintball lessons, go to the field. I think it’s a big deal to do that. It’s crazy back home. I’m glad to be someone that people can look up to and listen to. I’m glad that I can be able to change the situation and the scenery that’s going on around Chicago. I love my city still.”

Los Angeles Better For Chief Keef Than Chicago

“I got away from all the unnecessary trouble, drama, problems. I came out here to where it’s better lifewise, living. It’s better out here than Chicago because I get in so much trouble. It’s crazy, but I like living out here. I think it improved me and changed me to stay and go somewhere bigger from here.”

Chief Keef Loves Art

“I used to know how to draw and do art. When I was 7 years-old, I learned how to draw. I stopped when I was about 10 or 11 [years-old], and started going into the streets, trippin. That’s why I still love art to this day. I love art. I don’t know how to do it no more. I can do a little something. I can color. I think it’s a way to express myself through pictures, pictures of me, all pictures of me. I love art.”

Chief Keef Plans To Paintball Battle Justin Bieber

“I saw T.I. in that new video, paintballing and shit. They need to come holler at me. Justin Bieber. Dan Bilzerian. I talked to him yesterday. We challenged each other Facetime through Alki. I’ve been hanging around Justin Bieber. He wanna play paintball so we can do that. Me and my gang get a lot practice. We too hard. I don’t think nobody wanna see us and the guns we got. It’s too crazy.

Chief Keef No Longer Carries Stacks Of Cash

“That’s when I used to be running around—I was young—running around with all the money and shit. I don’t do that no more, though. I got locked up for that shit. I loved the situation that we were shooting at the gun range—even though we were shooting some wack-ass rifles. I wanted to shoot some [automatics] and we were shooting some ‘booms!’ I fuck with Childish Gambino. I appreciated that then and I still appreciate that now. That happened. But I did go to jail for that shit, mind you.”

Chief Keef Hasn’t Talked To Kanye West Recently

“I ain’t talked to him but we send kites through Larry. I ain’t talked to him. I let him do his thing. He’s busy. I’m busy.”

Chief Keef Plans To Star In Movies & Video Games

“I wanna do a lot of movies. I’ve been talking about it. Y’all gonna see a lot of movies coming. It’s gonna to happen. Y’all are gonna see it. Y’all will love it. I wanna do a video game. It’s coming soon, too. Y’all are gonna love it.”