A$AP Rocky spoke with Red Bull Music Academy in May and the interview was released today (July 9).

The Harlem rapper is asked about being himself compared to what society says he should be.

“I don’t want to start preaching and shit,” he says. “I think all I can really do is just for me is be myself because if I worry about what anybody wants me to be or what Black men should be, we’ll all be confused. What the fuck is a Black man in 2015? …Everybody’s different. I don’t know what expectations are for all African-American men, but I know where I come from, there aren’t any high expectations.”

The rapper is asked why he calls himself a “weirdo” for being himself.

“I think the weirdo thing is quite the norm now these days,” he says. “Everybody goes out there trying to be weird.”

A$AP Rocky also comments on the demise of Trinidad James, whom he calls a friend and warns that making hit singles won’t make a career.

“This kid comes out he has the biggest single and where is he now?” Rocky says. “Trinidad James is a very good person. He’s a dear friend of mine. I think he deserves a lot more. I think he works hard. To be honest, I can’t say he sounds like other niggas. Ima be honest with you. But where is he now? That single shit don’t mean nothing.”

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