2020 has been filled with great albums. From well known artists to up and coming acts, there has been no shortage of projects with re-play value. This article is specific to the month of June. Whether you were looking back at the month to see which albums dropped or are comparing which month had the best Hip Hop releases, this article has you covered. June saw new music from Run The Jewels and Drakeo The Ruler.

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The Best Hip Hop Albums of June 2020

RTJ4 – Run The Jewels

There couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for Killer Mike and El-P to emerge from their short hiatus and gift the world with new music. A crumbling economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing high unemployment rate and the civil unrest over police brutality have made an album that rails against the powers that be a necessity. With Run The Jewels 4, the ATLien and New York felon do not disappoint, raging against societal inequalities, judicial injustices and calling out American traditionalism like the slave masters posted on our dollars. An early album of the year candidate, RTJ’s 4th installment asserts their dominance as being one of the go-to groups to throw on when fed up with the system and imbalance of America’s government practices; because every revolution needs a soundtrack.

Thank You For Using GTL , Drakeo the Ruler

There’s something about Drakeo’s soft-spoken tones and lackadaisical sound that makes him such an enjoyable listen. The controversially incarcerated LA rapper recorded the vocals from jail. Not only is it one of the best albums of 2020, it’s one of the greatest projects ever recorded from jail. On GTL, Drakeo seems to meander his way into a verse. He’ll start slow with a sparse rhyme scheme, gaining speed as the track progresses before he lays down bars that hit harder than a freight train. Drakeo’s trial begins August 3rd, so stay tuned for updates on the young rapper.


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