Twitter: home of Lil B curses, the occasional Kanye West rant and where trigger fingers turn to … you know the rest. Over time, rap has made its presence known on Twitter while providing artists with a platform to directly connect with countless fans now at 280 characters at a time. Our favorite artists, entertainers, and influencers use the site as an outlet to vent without a filter, as well as to promote their latest work. With 330 million monthly active users to interact with, feeds can sometimes get overwhelming, which is why HipHopDX curates a list of the week’s best and most memorable tweets from the Hip Hop world.

This installment of Tweets Is Watching includes Kendrick Lamar praising Lil Wayne’s Dedicated 6: Reloaded, a rising Chicago artist, Sonny Digital talking current rappers, J.I.D unearthing an unreleased freestyle and Joey Bada$$ calling the new rap generation “trash.”

Kendrick Praises Lil Wayne’s “Big Bad Wolf”

With Dedication 6: Reloaded now available, fans and fellow artists alike have had plenty to say about Lil Wayne’s new mixtape. Kendrick Lamar — who’s not known as an active presence on social media — took to Twitter to show love to Weezy who, in Lamar’s words, “snapped” on D6: Reloaded’sBig Bad Wolf.”

Vic Spencer For Higher

Rising Chicago rapper Vic Spencer took some time to thank fans on Twitter for their support of his newly released Spencer For Hire project with Sonny Jim. Spencer, also known as The Rapping Bastard — who describes himself as a mixture of Sean Price, MF DOOM, B-Real, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard — displays gratitude while acknowledging how quickly music comes and goes in the current landscape.

Sonny Digital Talks Rappers Getting Noticed

Atlanta-based producer Sonny Digital went on a minor Twitter rant acknowledging how a rising artist’s appearance plays a bigger part in a rapper blowing up than the actual music. He then went on to express that he’s not complaining about the rap game, just simply stating facts. Peep the HipHopDX exclusive with Digital here.

J.I.D Unearths “My Name Is” Freestyle

Atlanta native and Dreamville signee J.I.D surprised fans with a previously unreleased freestyle over Eminem’s classic single, “My Name Is.”

Joey Bada$$ Calls The Current State Of Rap “Trash”

The Pro Era head honcho expressed disdain for the current state of rap music, stating the few artists making good music “don’t even get the love and attention that they deserve.”

Vic Mensa Hops On Diplomatic Immunity

Vic Mensa took to Twitter to give fans a preview of his upcoming “Diplomatic Immunity” freestyle. After many people assumed he was dissing Joe Budden in the freestyle, the Chi-Town MC denied it and soon clarified his statements. 

Maino Welcomes Home Brother From 21-Year Bid

Maino, consumed with tears of joy, welcomed home his longtime homie and self-proclaimed “brother” Casino Mike this week from a 21-year prison sentence.

Eminem Shares “Walk On Water” BTS

Eminem and director Rich Lee have given fans a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video to Revival’s lead single “Walk On Water.”

Diddy Congratulates SZA

In addition to acknowledging her five Grammy nominations, Sean “Diddy” Combs congratulated SZA on her Gap Logo Remix commercial, which also features an appearance by Metro Boomin and a remix of the ’80s anthem “Hold Me Now” by the producer.