As Joey Bada$$ prepares to launch his new TIDAL podcast, 47 Minutes,the Brooklyn MC already seems to have a topic in mind — current rap. On Wednesday (January 24), he used Twitter to express what he thinks rap looks like right now, claiming it’s in “a very trash state.”

“Rap is in a very trash state rn with very few exceptions that don’t even get the love and attention that they deserve,” he wrote. “Like where’s ya’ll niggas souls at???”

He added, “Music is the most influential force in the world. Pay attention to what’s being over saturated. It says something about the generation. Sound is vibration.”

While he doesn’t call out any specific artists, his seemingly sarcastic follow-up tweet seems to point to anyone making trap music.

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“Ok goodnight I’m gonna go make a trap record,” he wrote.

Earlier this week, Bada$$ and polarizing rapper XXXTENTACION teased a collaborative mixtape during their Instagram stories. X’s rep confirmed to HipHopDX the duo is indeed working together and will have something out soon.