Andre 3000: The Greatest Rapper of All Time

Andre 3000 is one of the most celebrated MCs in Hip Hop history. From his visceral storytelling to his seemingly limitless flows and impeccable imagination, 3Stacks has crafted an irreplaceable niche as a lyricist and icon. He’s half of Outkast, one the most genre-bending collectives in music and has received critical praise from Nas, Jay Z, Scarface, Eminem, the list goes on. But since he and his partner Big Boi changed Hip Hop as a duo, many are reluctant to inject him into greatest of all time conversations because he has yet to release a solo rap album. This week’s breakdown tackles that conversation. Thank you to Andre Benjamin and Kawan Prather for providing exclusive insight.

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Produced, Written & Edited By Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)

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