GloRilla caught a win with her breakthrough hit “F.N.F (Let’s Go),” but she has also run into a legal dispute with the song’s producer, Hitkidd.

On Sunday (October 16), Hitkidd called out GloRilla on Twitter after the Memphis rapper and her team allegedly tried to seize ownership of the viral hit.



The 27-year-old producer claimed Big Glo signed paperwork for the song — on which he shares co-billing — without informing him of the terms of the deal, and is now trying to drag him to court over the issue.

“So basically these folks are trying to take me to court over ‘FNF’ because they want to OWN the song, BUT they want to own the song to put it on this EP which both parties knew,” he wrote. “So tell me how you gone PUT ‘FNF’ in your contract without telling me, AFTER…



“I told you & your MANAGER everyday that we was in LA with Saweetie, that labels are going to try to sign you because of FNF so watch out. I also told you to let me know when labels reach out so we can be on the same page, but you still went and signed my song without telling me.”

He added: “I did my best to protect you and the girls. This is only a portion of what I’ve been through. I’m bringing light to this before word get out like I’m the bad guy. I’m a stand up guy and I stand on business and morals.”

Hitkidd also revealed he warned GloRilla and her manager against using Collective Music Group’s lawyers when she signed to Yo Gotti’s label earlier this year, but they apparently didn’t listen.

“I told her and her manager not use the lawyers from the label, they still did,” he wrote in response to a fan who speculated that GloRilla “used in-house attorneys at CMG” who negotiated a deal that favored their artist.

In another tweet, Hitkidd called out Jenn Essiembre, Vice President of Publishing at 300 Entertainment, for allegedly claiming he was signed to the label when he wasn’t.

“And Jenn from 300 ent lame too for telling her boss I was signed to them and I wasn’t,” he wrote, before adding: “Everybody mad cause I wouldn’t sign to them.”

GloRilla caught wind of Hitkidd’s tweets and responded via a series of posts on her personal Facebook page, where she claimed the producer is “salty” because she didn’t sign to his label as part of a group.

“N-ggas been salty every since ian sign to Dey label to be a group for $0 smh,” she wrote along with multiple crying face emojis.

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The 23-year-old also alleged Hitkidd actually sold “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” for $50,000 without telling her before the song blew up.


GloRilla capped off her response with an impassioned message claiming she has made barely any money from the song herself, while saying she still has love for Hitkidd despite their legal disagreement.

“N-gga done made so much money from FNF & I haven’t made not 1 red cent (other than shows ) but I’m stilll prospering cause guess what ??? I CAN RAP IN REAL LIFE & ain’t no mf 1 hit wonder !!!!



“I WROTE EVERY SINGLE LYRIC IN EVERY SINGLE SONG I EVER PUT OUT & even after all this I still got luv for hitkidd cause we came up together even doe he been going behind my back every since the song blew but dats another story for another day.”

She added: “I just hate da fact he had to bring da business to social media when I could’ve BEEN came out about the snake shit he been doing to me.”

The dispute heated up further when Kadeem Phillips, CEO of Power Entertainment and Hitkidd’s business partner, weighed in and broke down the alleged arrangement between GloRilla and Hitkidd, much to the former’s displeasure.

Phillips claimed Hitkidd split the rights to “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” evenly with GloRilla and looked out for her to the point he “saved her from losing millions” while navigating the music industry.



“Let me address this from the business side. Because I see a lot of confusion,” he began in a Facebook post. “End of the day [Hitkidd] did great business. He gave up 50% of the masters and 50% of the publishing for FNF directly to Glo.

“We actually did everything to protect Glo from the industry and herself. Honestly Glo independently collects the money for FNF its all hers she just doesnt own the song and never will. We actually saved her from losing millions and Glo was able to get a deal without having to sell her independent record.”

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Phillips then blamed CMG for any financial issues GloRilla may be experiencing, while calling it a “pathetic way for a Black man from Memphis to attack another Black man from Memphis,” seemingly referring to Yo Gotti.

“Glo and Hitkidd get 50% split evenly of all the money brought in on FNF. Unfortunately CMG froze all the money even Glo money in their latest claim to us,” he added. “So if she hasnt seen her money. Tell her to ask her label about it since she ‘sold’ her masters and publishing to them.



“Glo wont see a dime until her advance paid back but that was her choice by signing to CMG. Luckily Hitkidd still OWNs the song because we did a deal to keep the ownership. His deal was only to distribute the song and market it so that Glo as well as the other girls could be successful.”

GloRilla responded in his comments section with: “Shut yo big crybaby Fat assss up y’all lie bout everything you da biggest slime outta the whole situation he even kno dat but ok.”

“F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” was released on April 29 and quickly became a viral hit on TikTok. The song’s success earned GloRilla a lucrative deal with Yo Gotti’s CMG, a co-sign from Cardi B and the award for Best Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist at the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Big Glo has since kept the momentum going with the release of “Tomorrow” and its sequel, “Tomorrow 2,” which boasted an appearance from Cardi.