The Gillie Da Kid and Rick Ross feud has once again dramatically escalated.

To set the stage: Gillie Da Kid felt it necessary at the end of a recent episode of his Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast to issue a response to Rick Ross, who months prior had referred to the podcast host as a “fraud” after Mack Maine contradicted a story Gillie told involving a meet-up with his old foe Lil Wayne.

“These old n-ggs, they don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more, and they still think the world gon’ come back so they be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb shit,” Gillie said to cap off his pod’s most recent episode with Southside. “‘I just bought a cow’ and all this dumb. … You know I was gonna bake you n-gga, I seen you in them comments n-gga, you knew I was gonna bake your goofy ass.”


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He continued, “Fuck wrong with you? Don’t ever comment on nothing about me n-gga, when you used to be a C.O. n-gga. When you used to lock n-ggas like Wallo in the cell n-gga. This ain’t got nothing to do with you player. … ‘I just bought a cow,’ why the fuck would you buy a cow, n-gga? … Fuck these old n-ggas. They mad at me cause I tell ’em fuck ’em, all you n-ggas pussy, you ain’t gonna do nothing. He ain’t said it, I said it.”

Needless to say, Ross found out about Gillie’s disrespectful comments and issued a response.

“Fellas, fellas… let me give you the real game,” he said in a video as he loitered around his Georgia mansion in a robe. “When I spend more money on my cow than you do on your wife and kids every month, you should take notes.”


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Gillie has since returned fire with a flurry of colorful insults, and on Friday (July 15), issued another venomous response aimed at the MMG mogul.

“Listen, man I’m only gonna tell you this one time Ross,” Gillie said. “You better stop fucking playing with me man, you hear me? And mind your business man, because you went on the Instagram page commenting about me calling me out my name for no motherfucking reason at all and this how this motherfucker started. So I’m gonna tell you again, man. Leave me the fuck alone man.”

He continued by bringing up an old redacted lyric of Roazy’s from Rocko’s 2013 track “U.O.E.N.O.,” in which Ross claimed in his verse to have drugged and slept with a woman while unconscious. The blowback caused him to remove the verse from the song, but Gillie didn’t seem to care.

Rick Ross Announces New Podcast & Gillie Da Kid Responds

“Ain’t you the n-gga that, ‘I put molly all in her drink, she ain’t even know it?’ God damn Ricky Raper,” he said. “Stop talking about money man, cause money don’t un-lame a lame. There’s a lot of sucker-ass n-ggas out here with money and you on the list. Matter of fact, you the captain of the suckers with money association of America, and we ain’t impressed.”

He went on to rehash Rozay’s long-standing feud with Birdman, and even teased him about his weight. “Ease off them lemon peppers because you’re a 6-piece away from a heart attack,” Gillie said.

It’s unclear where this feud is heading, but Gillie’s latest slew of insults likely means that tensions are still rising, and his trolling of Rick Ross has been relentless recently. The Port of Miami lyricist announced on Instagram on Thursday (July 14) that he had plans to start a podcast, and Gillie immediately used the opportunity to once again insult the 46-year-old rapper.

“I got ur name 4 ur podcast @richforever aka The Mickey Mouse Show,” Gillie wrote in his caption. “Ur history ain’t right to fu$k with me u betta leave that alone.”

Watch Gillie’s full response below.

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