The G.O.A.T. discussion will never end — after all, it’s subjective at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean people are tired of throwing their two cents in whenever the topic comes up.

Some Hip Hop fans would argue JAY-Z is the greatest of all time but according to Gillie Da Kid, there’s a new Hov. During a recent interview with It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-host anointed Lil Durk as the current generation’s JAY-Z, sparking a debate in the process.

“What you mean? You know who the new Hov is,” Gillie tells Harper in the clip. “‘I’m Durkio but I’m Chicago’s JAY-Z.’ Yeah, you know who the new Hov is!”


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Harper asked if Gillie truly believed that, to which he said, “Yes! To the young street n-ggas? Yes. Because see, Hov was about, you know, being a hustler, gettin’ some money, gettin’ the — that was the wave when we was young.”

He continued, “We didn’t look up to the shooters. The shooters was crash dummies. If you was a shooter, you was a n-gga whose life didn’t mean that much. We didn’t value your life. You was a goofy. It didn’t matter if you went to jail ’cause you gon’ die or go to jail anyway soon. You’s a goofy… Now, the shooters get praise. A n-gga can have some bodies and have no money and be popular. It’s like, wait, that n-gga don’t — that n-gga just got a $600 rusty gun. Like, what the fuck is we praising him about?”

Lil Durk has already made the comparison himself, when dissing 6ix9ine’s failed sophomore effort TattleTales. As the Only The Family founder tweeted in September 2020, “1 song better then a whole album I’m really chicago jay-z … the voice.”

Even so, there were plenty of people who thought the comparison was ludicrous. As one person tweeted, “That n-gga really said durk is the next jay z … atp your credibility to have an opinion on music is irfuckinrelevant.” Even fans of Lil Durk were confused with one writing, “I’ve been a fan of Durk since 2012, but saying he’s the new Jay Z is a reach.”

Lil Durk Labels Himself 'Chicago JAY-Z'

Another pointed out, “Saying Durk is the new Hov is crazy cause I ain’t known Durk had 24 Grammys, 14 number one albums, married to the Goat, has a billion plus dollars … I mean I can keep going. Durk is cool but the Jay comparisons gotta stop. Hov is 1 of 1.”

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