The ever-prolific Westside Gunn is set to open his account in 2022 with the release of a new project called Peace “Fly” God this week.

Fresh home from Paris Fashion Week, the Griselda rapper took to Instagram on Sunday (July 3) to announce he’s dropping the mixtape on Friday (July 8). Described as an “art piece,” Peace “Fly” God was recorded in just two days and serves as a precursor to his upcoming Michelle Records project.

“I’m back in the states and the homies pulled right up on me, now the tape is complete!!!!!” he wrote. “Idgaf about the mix or the master I wanna keep that shit grimey af, so I’m dropping this Fri fuck it. this not the Album this a ART piece before MICHELLE RECORDS … and ain’t shit fuckin wit it… made in 48hrs #FLYGOD #ART #PEACEFLYGOD #GXFR #CULTURE #CURATION #ICON.”

Westside Gunn has been heavily teasing Peace “Fly” God on Instagram since first announcing it in June, hinting that the project will extend beyond his own rhymes and even music altogether.

“Everybody anticipating MICHELLE RECORDS and I Thank You but until that drop I wanna give y’all some ART,” he wrote on June 19 while sharing a Fantasia-inspired illustration. “I’m a start making ART pieces, it might be 3 songs, it could be 5,7 who knows I’m a just do what I wanna do for that particular piece, I might not even rap on a track but produce or curate it bc I’m not a rapper I’m an ARTIST.

“but whatever it is can’t NOBODY fuck with it so it don’t even matter, I want my roses fuck all that when I’m gone Shìt…. FASHION WEEK is approaching and this is the first curation …. PEACE ‘FLY’ GOD #FLYGOD #ART #CULTURE #ICON #MASTERMIND #MICHELLERECORDS #GXFR #Curation #HIGHLEVELART.”

Since then, the Buffalo, New York native has shared several audio teasers, including a collaboration with Kevin Durant-approved Griselda affiliate Stove God Cook$, legendary producer Madlib and longtime Griselda soundman Camoflauge Monk.

Westside Gunn has worked with Madlib numerous times in recent years — including on “Richies,” “Gunnlib” and “Ferragamo Funeral” — and even announced a full-length project with the Beat Konducta in 2019.

Peace “Fly” God will serve as the follow-up to Westside Gunn’s double dose of Hitler Wears Hermes 8 offerings in 2021. Sincerely Adolf dropped in August, complete with heavyweight features from Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Mach-Hommy and more. Side B — co-starring the likes of 2 Chainz, Jay Electronica and AZ — followed in September.

The project will also mark the seventh WSG effort to bear his fashion-forward nickname following 2016’s Flygod and There’s God and There’s Flygod, Praise Both, 2017’s Raw is Flygod with Daringer, 2018’s Flygod is Good… All the Time with Mr. Green, 2019’s Flygod is an Awesome God and 2020’s Flygod is an Awesome God 2.

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“When I’m Westside Gunn, that’s me being me. Some don’t-give-a-fuck, fly shit,” he told Passion of the Weiss in 2018. “I’ve been living like a rapper for fuckin’ 15 years, you know bro? It’s not like I just started. I done always had the nice cars and jewelry, the nice looking women and the flyest outfit and poppin’ bottles and that shit. Because I was in the streets. I had money.”

He added, “Back in the day, people used to want to be Nas, Rae and Ghost. People used to want to be Hov and all of that shit. I’m taking it back to that shit. That’s what Flygod is, the 2018 version of them. I’m making the dudes want to be Flygod right now.”