Rotterdam, Netherlands

Things got heated during Lil Durk’s performance at OH MY! Festival in Rotterdam on Sunday (June 26), and not just because of the sunny weather beating down on the Dutch city.

Footage from the festival showed the Chicago native pausing his set to confront a fan at the side of the main stage. After exchanging words, Durk shoves the heckler and walks away, with security stepping in to prevent the situation from further escalating.

Reports online suggest the festival attendee was being disrespectful to King Von, Durk’s late OTF rap partner who was murdered in late 2020, although it’s unclear what was said to provoke the confrontation.

As footage of the brief altercation made the rounds on social media, 6ix9ine seized the opportunity to continue his campaign of taunting Lil Durk.

“Fan held his ground didn’t even flinch [bicep emoji] Von rolling in the flames of hell [fire emoji],” the “TROLLZ” rapper commented on DJ Akademiks’ Instagram post.

On another post showing an alternate angle of the shove he wrote, “The fan saw right past the ‘ACT/persona’ .. he wasn’t scared. If it wasn’t for the security that boy was steppin by himself [crying face emojis].”

Lil Durk has yet to respond to 6ix9ine’s comments, although he did address the controversial Brooklyn rapper “ambushing” his lookalike, Perkio, on his recently-released (7220 Deluxe) album. 6ix9ine and his crew ran up on the unsuspecting (and visibly uncomfortable) doppelgänger in April, imploring him to wear a jacket adorned with an image of King Von.

“Man I’m Durk and you got my ‘lo, why you play with Perk?” Durk rapped on the bonus track “Huuuh.” “Fuck the feds who walk around with you, them n-ggas gon’ get hurt.”

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Despite having to deal with a heckler, Lil Durk appeared to thoroughly enjoy his first performance in Rotterdam as he soaked up the fan love from the Dutch crowd.

“MANNNNNN WHAAAAAAAT [black heart emoji] treat the fans like family they gone love you 4ever thank you #rotterdam,” he wrote on Instagram while sharing photos of him performing and flaunting stacks of Euro notes backstage.