6ix9ine continues to take extremes measures to troll Lil Durk. In a video posted to social media, 6ix9ine was all too proud to bring the Lil Durk look-alike — known as Perkio — on board for a video. He even presents the Durk doppelgänger with a jacket featuring a portrait on the late Lil Durk on the back.

“We got bro the jacket,” 6ix9ine says in the clip before the camera pans to reveal the back of the jacket. Perkio appears increasingly uncomfortable throughout the clip, though 6ix9ine tries to push him to wear it with, “You good, just leave the jacket on.”

He further taunted Lil Durk in the caption with, “@lildurk I had a gift for the bro @kingvonfrmdao your n-ggas ain’t never gon slide but they definitely rep you all day on t-shirts.”

But now, there’s even more controversy surrounding the situation. Not long after the video was posted to social media, fake Lil Durk accused 6ix9ine of “ambushing” him and denied he wanted anything to do with the inflammatory rapper. Instead, he said he struck a deal with YouTube personality Stephen Deleonardis better known as Steve Will Do It.

“This was never supposed to happen,” he said on Instagram Live. “Like, never. I was literally supposed to collab with Steve Will Do It. Like I literally wanted to collab with Steve Will Do It because he hit me up first.”

Deleonardis denied it in Akademiks’ comment section, writing, “I don’t even know this guy before today. We wanna see the DMS!!!!. He knew exactly what he was getting into.”

Always ready with a response, 6ix9ine later posted a text message thread in an attempt to prove Perkio knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed up for the gig. 6ix9ine then claimed Perkio was paid $7,000 in cash but didn’t adhere to his side of the agreement.

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In a video of the alleged exchange, someone is handing another person cash, but Perkio’s face isn’t visible. Still, 6ix9ine wrote in Akademiks’ comment section, “Perkio backdoored OTF for 7 bands is crazyyyyyyy.” Check out the posts below.