The Weeknd’s new Dawn FM album arrived on Friday (January 7). Before the album had even registered enough for a first impression, fans and diehard stans alike became bold with proclamations.

After noting the Toronto singer had created a concept album around an ‘80s pop station, one fan decided to forgo all Hip Hop history by touting The Weeknd’s “originality.”

“i don’t think people really understand this,” the fan began. “the concept of a FUCKING RADIO STATION on an album??? not to be that kind of fan, but who has thought of that?”

The tweet picked up over 1,600 likes but it didn’t take long for rappers and culture critics alike to pop in and correct the fan, highlighting Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, Little Brother’s The Listening, Vince Staples’s FM!, Redman and more pulled off the concept first.

“DJ EZ Dick is rolling in his grave right now,” Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive fame tweeted. “187.4 FM on your dial forever!”

Producer Cardo echoed the sentiment, simply dropping the Doggystyle cover for maximum effect.

The audacious tweet even prompted Phonte of Little Brother to chime in.

The hype surrounding The Weeknd’s new album isn’t being built up only by diehards who loved “Blinding Lights.” Famed producer Timbaland weighed in on Instagram Friday, claiming the impact of Dawn FM could match one of the greatest albums of all time, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, produced primarily by Qunicy Jones. Jones is one of the guest vocalists on Dawn FM.

“Yo, this album’s different, yo,” Timbo exclaimed after his initial run through the album. “This shit right here, this on some Thriller shit. Trust me when I tell you. And the way he dropped this shit? Yo, this shit is amazing!”

The fifth studio effort from The Weeknd features guest appearances from Lil Wayne and 2021 HipHopDX Rapper of the Year Tyler, the Creator, the aforementioned Jones and additional guest vocals from Jim Carrey. Revisit the radio concept of the album below.