TikTok has become a platform to help push new music out to consumers thanks to the viral dance challenges of a song buzzing on the social media app. Tracks like Soulja Boy’s “She Make It Clap” and SpotemGottem’s “BeatBox” have blown up thanks to a majority of TikTok’s black creators coming up with these fun dance moves. 

However, with all the dances these black creators come up with, the proper credit isn’t given out, and they’re taking a stand at Megan Thee Stallion’s expense. 

The Houston Hottie’s latest single, “Thot Shit,” is already becoming a hit, but it’s not getting the same amount of push on TikTok that her other songs like “Savage” and “WAP” received. There’s a “Thot Shit” dance challenge, but Black TikTok users are sitting this one out.



Last week, several Black TikTok creators went on strike, posting their own challenges to Megan’s hit single but with a twist. Instead of dancing, people are leaving messages in opposition to the song. According to a report done by Today, Black creators are tired of not receiving the same acknowledgment for these dances their white counterparts get. 

In one video, TikTok creator Erick Louis hypes his followers up with a caption that says he made a dance to “Thot Shit,” but flips off the camera as the beat drops. 

“SIKE,” Louis wrote in a second caption. “THIS APP WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT BLK PEOPLE.”

Another user said in their video, “For all my melanated brothers and sisters of the African diaspora, we are on strike. We are not making a dance for ‘Thot Shit,’ we are just going to let them [white people] keep flailing. It just shows how much you need us to make a dance.”

@capnkenknucklesWe are TIREDT #fypp#blacktiktok#megantheestallion#thotshitmegan#blacktiktokcreators#blackkpopstan#blackkpopfan#blackkpoptiktok#blackwomen♬ Thot Shit – Megan Thee Stallion

With this ongoing strike, most of the “Thot Shit” challenges being done are by white creators and failed to result in a trending dance. Black Twitter is loving every minute of it too with all the jokes people have towards the lukewarm “Thot Shit” dance challenges.



The next few weeks will determine how Megan’s “Thot Shit” does on the charts without Black TikTok creators making videos to the song. It currently stands at No. 17, after falling down one spot since debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 chart two weeks ago.

“Savage” was one of the biggest songs on TikTok after it went viral when 19-year-old Keara “Keke” Wilson, bust out a routine and asked her followers to mimic the moves. The song built steam and Beyoncé hopped on the remix helping it debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. “WAP” saw the same success when Brian Esperon created a split and twerk-infused routine for the NSFW song which later inspired the #WAPchallenge.