Soulja Boy will never waste an opportunity to assert his confidence and claim he’s one of the greatest of all-time. On Wednesday (April 7), Soulja Boy took to Twitter to celebrate a huge win while taking shots at his competition yet again.

“My song is doing better than rappers on a major level with marketing budgets let that sink in,” Big Draco tweeted about his new single “She Make It Clap” going No. 1 on TikTok. “And I see these rappers copying my tiktok wave they think they slick y’all wasn’t doing this last month lmao I go #1 and here they come.”

Last month, Soulja Boy dropped “She Make It Clap” to streaming platforms and the single quickly gained traction bringing in a heaping load of streams. The track became a viral hit on TikTok after fans used to the song for another dance trend on the popular social app. According to Soulja Boy, the track is bringing him deals from all over.



“I really freestyled she make it clap on twitch then dropped it as a real song and it went viral,” Soulja Boy said in another tweet. “#1 on tiktok and I got like 5deals from it im goated bro no kizzy.”

Soulja Boy’s contributions to the culture as Hip Hop’s first internet star has many fans place the legend title next to his name. Soulja Boy felt a way though after Drake saluted his friend Bow Wow and not him. Bow Wow spoke with Hollywood Unlocked to explain why Soulja Boy felt dissed by the 6 God.



“We talk. It’s nothing for him to call me,” Bow said about Soulja Boy. “You know how I looked at it? I looked at it like, the shit that I’ve been wanting and fighting for so long for me, for cats to start playing with my legacy and my name, it’s finally happening without me really having to ask for it.”

Bow Wow Gives Soulja Boy The Flowers Drake Used As Fertilizer

He added, “I just felt that Soulja wants his flowers. The same way how I’m getting mine now, I feel like—you saw me with Drizzy and he said what he said… It’s just a feeling that you want but you don’t really have to go ask for it. I never asked for it. I wanted it, bad, like stop playing with me. That’s how I felt behind closed doors.”

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