Soulja Boy and Teddy Riley’s daughter Nia Riley dated on and off for nearly a decade before dissolving their relationship sometime in 2019. Now, the former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood personality is making some damning allegations about her ex-boyfriend.

During an interview with Unwine With Tasha K podcast, Riley claimed the “Crank Dat” rapper leaked nude photographs of her, verbally abused her, assaulted her for refusing to have sex and once held a gun to her head during an argument. She even alleged he kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant, causing her to miscarry. 

“We had an incident when I was pregnant,” she said. “I feel like we always did. He absolutely knew I was pregnant … I was, like, fifteen weeks. I don’t think I had even told anybody else that I was pregnant. Truthfully, in my mind, I didn’t know what to do or what I wanted to do.”

She added of the miscarriage, “I’m not sure what time it was when it happened, but I know for sure it was like, that night, like late that night, maybe two, or something, in-the-morning.”

But elsewhere in the interview, Riley went into detail about their allegedly abusive relationship and the steps she had to take to remove herself from the situation. She also opened up about the day Soulja allegedly held the gun to her head.

“I wanted to leave, I was trying to leave,” she said. “I had pepper-sprayed him one day, really bad. He tried to take shower and it fucked him up really bad…. He had charged at me. I’m trying make sure he couldn’t see me from certain mirrors and I packed my bag.

“It’s a crazy situation to try to get out of. I was just sitting there, watching, watching, watching. He hadn’t moved. He didn’t get up for nothing. I got up, got my bag. I walked downstairs. I felt him press [a gun] against the back of my head and I just sat down. I sat on the steps for a couple of hours. He was sitting behind me.”

Soulja Boy Accused Of Causing Teddy Riley’s Daughter Miscarriage During Domestic Attack

The 31-year-old mother was ultimately able to walk away but not without emotional scars.

“He had friends there that would sit there and watch him,” Riley added. “Nobody ever said anything. It was just crazy. It was something that was private and just us if we were home, but if his friends were there, he didn’t care.”

Soulja was sued last January for allegedly pistol whipping his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers in the head, tying her up and allowing another individual to sexually assault her while holding her hostage at his Malibu home. He’s also facing claims of sexual assault and creating a hostile work environment from a former personal assistant.

Watch the full interview above. Abuse allegations being around the 20-minute mark.