Los Angeles, CA – It’s been nearly a year since Travis Scott dropped his acclaimed and massively successful Astroworldbut the excitement surrounding it continues. A video has dropped for the sensual single “WAKE UP,” directed by Jonah Hill.

The all-black and white video opens with Scott walking by a bunch of well-dressed and passed-out people following some apparent festivity before a tracking shot brings the viewer into a mansion with more passed-out bodies.

Things become even more surreal as Scott and various objects around the house start levitating. Given the circumstances, Scott appears positively nonchalant, even as helixes of water are dancing around him.

Although featured vocals provided by The Weeknd are present, the singer doesn’t physically appear in the video. Despite all the bodies and special effects, this is Scott’s show. (honorable mention to his Energizer Bunny T-shirt)

Hill’s directorial vision is well-matched for the sound of the song, particularly its dreamy finale, in which things become engulfed in flames, and Thanos seems to have snapped his fingers.

Already a respected actor for both comedies and dramas with two Oscar nominations to his name, the “WAKE UP” video adds to Hill’s reputation as a compelling director.

He previously helmed the hilarious and disturbing video for Danny Brown’s “Ain’t It Funny,” off of Atrocity Exhibition. 

In 2018, he received acclaim for directing his feature-length debut, the film Mid90s.