After getting El-P’s official co-sign in January, Danny Brown has revealed perhaps just what makes his forthcoming album “an instant classic,” as the Run The Jewels producer/MC called it.

On Monday (April 30), producer  Thelonious Martin tweeted, “Danny Brown has an upcoming album produced by Q-Tip and now I can’t sleep.”

The Detroit wordsmith was quick to correct him, saying it was actually “Executive produced.”

Although Brown’s last official album was 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition, he pacified his fans with the Twitch EP last August. The following month, he’s starred in the film White Boy Rick alongside Matthew McConaughey and YG.

Judging by his status update, Brown will be in promo mode soon.

In the meantime, revisit the Jonah Hill-directed “Ain’t In Funny” video below just because.

[This article has been updated. The original version was published on January 22, 2019 and can be found below.]

It’s been roughly three years since Danny Brown released a full-length studio album. The closest fans got to hearing new material from the Detroit-bred rapper/actor was during a Twitch session last August when he played several unheard tracks he titled the Twitch EP.

But according to El-P, Brown’s forthcoming album and follow-up to 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition is worth the wait. The Run The Jewels co-conspirator tweeted about it over the weekend.

“welp @xdannyxbrownx just played me his new album and even unmixed it’s an instant classic, imho,” he wrote. “true story.”

It’s natural to conclude El-P — and possibly Killer Mike — are involved in Brown’s project. Unfortunately for Brown’s fans, he hasn’t revealed any details.

During a Twitter Q&A last July, he announced the album was coming after Kickstarter’s Director of Music Meredith Graves asked him why he suddenly became “the most entertaining person on twitter and/or ever.”

He replied simply, “I gotta album coming.”