Los Angeles, CA – Berner and Logic have reached a major milestone in their quest to collaboratively develop new strains of weed focused on killing anxiety.

Last September, Merry Jane reported Berner and Logic were working on creating a strain of weed, much like Wiz Khalifa’s own Khalifa Kush, and planned to produce a documentary detailing the process of the collaborative cross. The pair have since been working hard developing their exotic flower and have shared the first glimpse of the process.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, (May 23) Berner shared footage from January featuring Logic and a number of his other associates in the studio taste testing a number of unique and new strains. The El Chivo rapper appeared extremely impressed with the results, saying he and Logic had been actively working for months on the strains.

“First joint of anxiety killer right here,” Berner says while showing an exorbitantly fat joint.

“It’s a breeding project I did with Logic — took the time, it has been about a four or five-month process,” he continued.

The video is about five minutes long and shows the guys testing out a couple of different strains, all of which they insist are tasty. The clip also appears footage of Logic recording his verse for Berner and Mozzy’s track “Ayy” from their collaborative album Slimey Individualz around the four-minute mark.

Peep the full video of Berner and Logic’s anxiety killer taste test above.