Miami, FL – Senator Tim Kaine and Pusha T bonded over the love of their home state of Virginia and talked politics in a conversation shared by the Clinton campaign.

Pusha asked the Democratic vice presidential candidate a series of questions about how he and Hillary Clinton plan to deal with systematic racism and America’s broken prison system that Clinton previously endorsed (and is now suggesting that she’d fix, if elected). The issue has been a concern for many Black Americans, including T.I. and Boosie Badazz.

In his answer, Kaine acknowledges that racism still exists.

“There’s a lot of reforms that are necessary,” Kaine said. “There’s policing reforms, to make sure that we have communities where everybody respects the law. But people have to be respected by the law, too … In some of our communities that’s not the case.”

Another topic the two address is affordable higher education, seen by many as a necessity for upward economic and social mobility. According to Forbes, 42% of millennials are stricken with massive student debt in the U.S. and statistics from the Department of Education show that 43% of federal student loan borrowers are either behind on their payments or curving Sallie Mae altogether. Finding a well-paying, salaried job after graduating Uni hasn’t been so kind to this generation.

“We have three proposals there,” Kaine says. “We want to make college debt-free for everybody and enable tuition to be free if your family makes less than $125,000 a year. If you’re already out of college we want to help people refinance their debt so it’s not so crushing as they start their professional lives.”

It’s good to find an ex-neighborhood dope dealer discussing politics and trying to make a positive change within the system — a necessity so disadvantaged kids won’t feel like they have to sell drugs to survive in the future.

Hillary’s been courting the Hip Hop vote heavily over the last few months, with a contest to meet King Push, a concert from Jay Z and a visit to The Breakfast Club where she discussed her Death Row memes.

Check out Pusha T’s interview with Senator Tim Kaine above.