In a handful of tweets sent over the weekend, TDE rapper Isaiah Rashad stressed the importance of mental health.

Rashad began his commentary by informing those that may be going through their own mental health battle that they are not alone. He later declared that “nobody’s nothing,” and added that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

The Sun’s Tirade musician has previously been open about his own struggles with depression and drug addiction, recently telling Complex, “I try to just be open. I guess I’m pretty candid all the time. The only way I could get through most stuff I’ve gone through is by talking about it. Being honest about it with myself, not speaking no bullshit to myself.”

He shared similar advice on Twitter too.

“Don’t go through the problems in your head alone. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. The worst thing to do is think ur alone in it … everybody’s somebody’s everything. nobody’s nothing,” Isaiah Rashad tweeted Sunday (October 9).

Rashad did fess up to sometimes forgetting to live by the advice he previously shared.

“I tend to forget that … give that nigga a hug before u can’t dawg. forreal,” he wrote in two separate tweets.

The rapper’s tweets come days after Cleveland rhymer Kid Cudi confessed online to being both depressed and suicidal. His confession quickly spawned the #yougoodman hashtag on social media.

The hashtag, which was primarily shared by African American males, sought to challenge the stigma surrounding Black men and mental health.

Kid Cudi also shared with fans that he is currently at a rehab center.

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