A meme Nicki Minaj posted on Instagram yesterday (September 29) could serve as a subtle clapback to The Game, Beanie Sigel or even her boyfriend Meek Mill.

The message (versions of which have been floating around the internet for a while) features one-liners like “When people act shady, allow them” and “React with love.” In the caption to her upload, the rapper merely left a smattering of heart and bow emojis.


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Although Nicki has had no prior issues with Game, and even worked with the Los Angeles lyricist on the set of her “Pills N Potions” music video, she was called out on “92 Bars.”

On the Meek Mill diss, Game raps “And I’ve been wanting to give Nicki this pool stick / So tell your lil’ vivrant thing come fuck with Q-Tip.”

The Game has since apologized for bringing the Jamaica, Queens MC’s name into his feud with Meek, although he did also suggest that she “just stay out of it.”

“Nicki should just stay out of it,” Game said, during an appearance on The Breakfast Club last week. “She’s in her lane. She’s doing her thing, she’s an amazing artist. I’ve got love and respect for her. I’m sorry I had to drag her into this, and it was a minimal drag, but she wasn’t disrespected at all I went and I did what I had to do.”

Yesterday, The Game proved that his beef with Meek Mill still has legs, offering up a hefty dose of social media slander via Instagram.