Beanie Sigel gave an epic interview to the Tax Season podcast about everything he knows about The Game and Meek Mill’s beef. The Philadelphia legend spills that there’s a whole backstory to why he jumped on Meek Mill’s “OOOUUU” remix dissing The Game. He also shares details of his conversation with The Game after the Compton rapper heard the track. Beans himself has a reputation for being one of the hardest to do it and he calls on Instagram babies to do their research before drawing conclusions about the beef. Sigel promises to give as much of a tell-all as he can with all the “fuckery” going on.

“You can ask me whatever you wanna ask me, but what I’ma tell you from the rip, I’m not answering no questions that’s gonna incriminate me or anybody else and no illegal shit,” he says. “We ain’t gonna talk about that. Because I don’t do that.”

Sigel, who is largely credited with being a pioneer of the Philadelphia rap scene, says he is participating in this interview to remind everyone of his legacy and hopefully encourage the new generation to see the world beyond the internet.

“Let’s put my name back in its proper place where it belong,” he says. “And for you Instagram babies that’s out here listening to this, I pray that you have somebody around you that can guide you and tell you, don’t let social media make up your mind for you. I don’t come from this era. Y’all come from the era of whatever you see slide down that timeline, you believe that shit. I don’t come from that. I come from the hardknock. A dot-com ain’t exist when Beanie Sigel put Philadelphia on the map. Instagram didn’t exist, Facebook, none of that shit. My shit came organic.”

So here are the gems that Beanie Sigel dropped about The Game’s beef with Meek Mill and his involvement in it.

Backstory Involves Meek Mill’s Relationship With Nicki Minaj

Beanie Sigel says that the backstory to how he was involved with The Game and Meek Mill’s beef starts because there was some tension between him and his fellow Philly rapper. It started when a South Philly OG tried to get Meek on a show and Sigel tried to coordinate it, but Meek wasn’t receptive to the idea. The tension rose when Meek shared some personal information about his relationship with his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

“He made a statement to me, I ain’t gonna put his statement out there about him and his relationship with his woman, but he made a statement to me that he shouldn’t have,” Sigel says. “I told him this, listen, off that, let’s get to some man shit. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have told me that because what go on under your roof, supposed to stay under there, especially with you and your woman.”

He says he previously warned Meek about dating a woman who is in charge.

“They’ll drag you, especially a chick who don’t need you, especially a broad who got a bankroll,” he says. “… At the end of the day, you’re living by her rules. She could tell you, ‘Meek, get the fuck outta here. I don’t need you.'”

Sigel says that Meek felt some type of way after hearing his comments, which Sigel was only trying to make to pass his wisdom along.

“Fast forward, you’ve got some disdain in your heart towards me,” he says. “I’m giving you only life shit, bro. Before that, I’m texting you real man, I’ve always told him, I’m not gonna tell you what you wanna hear. I’m gonna tell you what you need to hear. I’m not a yes man. I truly don’t want you to make the mistakes that I made in my career, honestly.”

Sidenote: Beanie Sigel Shares His Only Mistake

While explaining his mentorship role, he explains how OGs have been important in his life. He says that his only mistake in his decades-long career is going too hard in his beef with Jay Z and it’s a harsh reality he had to face with the help of his OG.

“As a character and my manhood and my music career and my career, I feel as though I only made one flaw and I got checked by my OG about that,” he says. “And that was me expressing my personal feelings and my emotions strongly about my brother who I know I got genuine love for and that was Jay and I made one too many diss records about him and I’m aware of that. I made that bed, I’ma lay in it. I’m wearing that.”

How He Got Into The Game / Meek Mill Beef

Beans explains how he became a part of Meek Mill’s “OOOUUU” remix dissing The Game. He said that it was his idea in order to mend his relationship with Meek and that neither Meek nor Omelly, who also appears on the track, called for his help.

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“They never called me,” he says. “Once I heard that they was in there and they was doing their diss record to Game, ‘Alright, this is how I’m going to get Meek to feel comfortable to come around me. This is how I’m going to get him.'”

Beanie Sigel Reiterates His Claims He Helped Write The Diss Track

The Philly legend told a Baltimore radio station last week that he helped write the diss track. This supposedly led to him getting beat up at Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Reunion show in the City of Brotherly Love. Sigel sticks by his claims and says that the truth will come out eventually.

“I go there, I didn’t write Omelly’s first verse, I didn’t write all of his second verse, but the majority of it, that’s facts,” he says. “Niggas is playing games lying and saying I ain’t write that shit. Stand up for the other brothers that was in the room who know that. Stop being cowards and stand the fuck up. Tell the truth, niggas. ‘Cause what don’t come out in the wash is gonna come out in the rinse. Know that.”

Beanie Sigel Was Surprised At The Game’s Response To “OOOUUU”

Beanie Sigel is not a stranger to rap beef, so he thought he was prepared for The Game’s response to the diss track. But he is not an expert navigator of the social media age, so he was taken aback by The Game’s scathing Instagram post where he called Beans a crackhead and threatened to put hands on him.

“In my mind, when I did the move, I said, you know what, knowing Game, he’s been in plenty rap beefs and battles, he’s gonna spit,” he says. “He’s gonna respond, but I didn’t think he was gonna go as far as how he’s gonna respond so hard as far as calling me a crackhead, when he see me he gonna whoop on me, this, that and the third. So I said, you know what, at that point, I done already committed to something, so it is what it is. I made that bed, I’m gonna lay in it.”

Meek Mill Said He Could Handle The Beef & Told Beanie Sigel To Fall Back

So after seeing that the battle had multiple stages, Sigel called up Meek Mill. He says he was ready to go all in for his Philly brother, but wanted to make sure it was going to be worth it. But Meek said that level of commitment wasn’t needed.

“Before I go all the way, let me call Meek to see where he stand at with this,” he says. “Are you gonna go all the way? Because I’m not jumping out the jet with no parachute for nobody that’s not gonna ride for theyself. We had a conversation and the gist of it, because I told you I’m not saying nothing that’s incriminating nobody, that’s just facts. He told me, ‘fall back, I got this. The situation gonna get handled at a certain time.’ Alright, you got that. That time passed and ain’t nothing happened.”

The Game Said He Was Only Using Beanie Sigel’s Beef Tactics Against Him

After the beef seemingly died down, Meek called Sigel frantically after seeing The Game on The Breakfast Club. Beans says he reached out to Wack 100 and The Game for more clarification. He has a good relationship with Game and was still weighing the seriousness of the situation. The Game apparently said he was surprised Beans got involved in the first place and their conversation brought a lot of clarity to the situation.

“As an honorable man and I told Game, I got another level of respect for you because you could have said fuck me. ‘Fuck you nigga. You shouldn’t have got involved in that. You got involved in it. You made that bed, lay in it, nigga,'” he says. “He said, ‘Man, listen. I did what you woulda did. You can’t call me and ask me. You can’t try to rationalize why I did what I did. I got that blueprint from you. Yeah I went hard.’ I said, ‘But Game, I didn’t slander your name, your honor. I just said on one phone call, I’m in LA in three hours. You took it somewhere else, you said you’re gonna give me physical harm.’ He said, out of his mouth, this is real, ask him, if I’m lying, just ask him, we can get this cleared. He said, ‘Nigga, when Beanie Sigel says he’s in LA in three hours, that means he’s in LA in three hours and he’s gonna blow your fucking head off. Niggas know how you move, how you get down. I’m not gonna let you discredit me and I don’t say nothing. I’m Game, nigga. But I never, if you wouldn’t have gotten on that record, I woulda never spoken on you in that light. You gotta respect that.’ I said, ‘True.’ Just like that, ‘True.'”

The Game then said he was extra surprised because he gave Beans props on the first diss track, “92 Bars” where he raps “Jay was in the Z, my young gunnas in the truck with it / Sigel would’ve loved it, Philly would’ve fucked with it / California state property you niggas stuck with it / Brrrring, sold Peedi Crakk / Game was on the block in his beanie with a Mac / I’m what you rap niggas ‘fraid of.”

“He said, ‘I only said your name in a legendary fashion, my nigga,'” Sigel says. “‘And I can’t see how them niggas manipulated you to get on a record and diss me after I bigged you up.’ I said, ‘Whoa, what you talking about?’ He said, ‘Nigga, I just did a record, “90-something Bars,'”  — whatever it was — ‘You didn’t hear that?’ About the one who has my soul in his hand? I didn’t hear the record. ‘Cause I woulda never went that route. ‘Cause me and Game got a better rapport than that.”

Beanie Sigel Calls Out Meek Mill For Not Telling Him About The Game’s Props

Sigel says he’s frustrated for not doing his homework before entering the beef. But he also calls on Meek Mill to take responsibility for allowing him to get involved even with the props in “92 Bars.”

“Meek, you knew about your beef,” he says. “You knew he bigged me up in that record. Why would you let me step in that shit? But at the same time, I blame myself ’cause I tell you Instagram babies, don’t let the media make up your mind for you. Do your homework. I should’ve did a little bit more homework. But I had an objective that I was trying to accomplish.”

Beanie Sigel Explains What Happened When He Got Beat Up By Dreamchasers

After Meek Mill’s crew realized Beans wasn’t really on their side, he says they went and beat him up backstage at Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. The Game was the one to first break the news, implying the reasoning was because Sigel said he wrote the diss track. Then video surfaced of Beanie laid out on the ground. Teefy Bey is reportedly the goon who did the dirty work.

“I know for a fact, boy ain’t wanna do that, sometimes you just get caught up in the momentum,” Beans says. “But you don’t get no props for that. You stole me. Your big-ass put me down, too. You ain’t knocked me out, ’cause ain’t nobody helped me up. You put me down and I seen them flashes, but it was from the blindside. You had ample opportunity to, in my face. We know what’s real.”

Sigel says that Bey first tried to fight with one of the legend’s little homies and was embarrassed at getting matched with a smaller man. He suggests that this first fight fueled Bey’s motivation to take a cheap shot at Sigel.

“What happened at the show is, I went there, was supposed to talk to Meek,” he says. “His representative, his spokesperson at the time, for whatever reason, he felt as though he had to stand up for that man. Big man’s first altercation ain’t go his way. Facts. With a little nigga. I wasn’t with 30 niggas. Y’all was 30 deep. I had my cousin, my wife and her cousin, a female. I set them in so they could see the show properly. It was just me and my three homies. They was my young bulls, but they men now and I don’t call them my youngins, they’re my niggas. They’re my brothers, matter of fact. Three little, they no bigger than 5’2″, 5’3″. The altercation with the five-foot cuz didn’t go your way, cuz, let’s keep it one hundred. Punches was in bunches. But you had ample opportunity to give me that straight man-to-man. You didn’t do that. You waited for my back was turned. ‘Cause we from the same neighborhood, same part of town. We had that understanding, you know what, this ain’t for here. We see each other back on the block. Cool. We got business to take care of. C’mon. We out. Then my back turned, you still off on me? I ain’t embarrassed about that, ’cause I’m a man. I’m hurt more than anything ’cause I love him. Genuine love.”

Beanie Sigel Says Meek Mill Turned Off His Instagram Comments Because Of Drake Beef

As the beef waged on Instagram, Meek Mill turned off his Instagram comments where people were leaving rat emojis and reminding him of his beef with Drake, a battle that many believe he lost. Sigel says that this action shows the MMG rapper’s lack of mental strength and he’s worried about the approval from the wrong people.

“You want the respect that I got, but you can’t,” he says. “You gotta earn it. I earned it. You argue with people in your comments to the point you worry about what the peanut gallery got to say and not worrying about what the thoroughbreds think about you. Fuck the peanut gallery. That’s everybody in they comments, everybody got a voice on Instagram. Fuck them. Worry about what the thorough niggas think about you. It’s to the point I didn’t even know you can do that, you turned your comments off. You wouldn’t have turned them off if you weren’t reading them and something eating at you. ‘Cause niggas telling you, no disrespect to Drake, but you took a loss to a singer, from Canada at that. And you flying off the handle. You shoulda left it alone. You shoulda took the advice I gave you when you went through it first time.”

Sigel shares what that advice was, which Meek did not follow.

“I strictly told you, don’t say nothing, Meek. There’s power in absence. There’s power in silence. You could have won that beef because Drake don’t got to live by the rules we live by or you claim to live by. He’s not a street nigga. He’s not from the streets, so he don’t got to live by that code. You can’t look at that man in a different light because he’s got armed security or whoever he got. He’s the fucking biggest thing in music.”

Beanie Sigel Says Nicki Minaj Was The Reason For Meek Mill’s Beef With Drake

The Roc-A-Fella icon says that he doesn’t believe Drake using a ghostwriter was the reason Meek Mill ignited his beef with Drake. He says that Drizzy is a popstar and doesn’t have to follow the rules of street rappers. He points out that Michael Jackson didn’t write his own lyrics. And Puff Daddy has no shame about sharing that he uses ghostwriters. So it doesn’t make sense for Meek to attack Drake over something so insignificant.

“What’s the real reason why you was mad at Drake?” he asks. “In my point of view, you was laying in the bed one night, you rolled over and you looked at her cuz, and you asked her, ‘You fuck that nigga?’ And she ain’t answer you in the way you wanted to. That’s what I think. I don’t know, I don’t know. But that’s my POV of it. And believe that’s the majority of everybody’s POV of it. ‘Cause who cares? Where’d that beef come out? What point you gain from coming at that man like that? None.”

Beanie Sigel Says Meek Mill Has To Prove Himself

Meek Mill has now been in two significant beefs in as many years. And his track record is not one that will be applauded by the Hip Hop history books. Beans says that even though they both rep Philly, he says Meek Mill doesn’t have the street credit to become a people’s champ.

“Boy do a lot of fuck shit that the world don’t know about and they need to,” he says. “‘Cause he let me step in that shit. I tell him, it ain’t no we. Meek, you gotta prove yourself, boss. You gotta do that before I move. I’m already in it so regardless, it gotta go how it gotta go. I’m in it, I’m riding. It is what it is, but it’s just some rap shit. I’ve been in them cars, man with niggas, we done cried and hugged each other knowing that there’s a chance we might not make it back. Bigger than rap shit. Facts. Street shit. You ain’t never been in that position, nigga … You never been a part of nothing that was bigger than yourself.”

Listen to Beanie Sigel’s interview with the Tax Season podcast below.