Upcoming MC Duckwrth graces the world with his I’m Uugly album, which he dropped today (September 23).

The project is made up of 10 tracks and features Hodgy Beats on “Look at the Time.” Duckwrth combines his love of Outkast with his punk influences woven with production from Channel Tres, Sad Money, Ru AREYOU and LIKE from Pac Div to create the journey that is I’m Uugly.

Duckwrth, who does all his own graphic design work, gave his Top 5 album covers to HipHopDX and explained how the theme of I’m Uugly with a bright, colorful aesthetic came about.

“I was actually working on another album,” he said. “Things weren’t working out with it. It was supposed to be called Super Good, but shit was not super good in my life. Just looking at the whole society and the way the world is right now, things are kinda ugly. When I kinda switched gears and was moreso recognizing the flaws and stuff, then it just like things started to pop off, the music started to just come, the art came, different opportunities. It became the embodiment of ugliness I suppose. But it’s like a transmutation into something positive. Even using different colorways within it is kind of turning the ugly into something beautiful.”

View Duckwrth’s I’m Uugly cover art and tracklist, with single art designed by the man himself, below.

Duckwrth im uugly cover art
  1. Blow My Mind
  2. I’M Dead (f. Sabrina Claudio)
  3. LowridrLOWRIDRCOVER(yellowsmall)
  4. Rare Panther
  5. Beach House
  6. Get Uugly (f. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  7. Look At the Time (f. Hodgy Beats)
  8. Blakk Rager
  9. 100 Days
  10. Ruuun