Anaheim, CA

Problem granted Hip Hop quite a 4/20 surprise when he collaborated with his OG DJ Quik for the Rosecrans EP which HipHopDX gave a 3.9 and called it “a digestible body of work that fans shouldn’t rule out a possibly of another collaboration.”

The biggest deterrent was the brief project left too much room for more of that funk. It appears the call has been answered loud and clear.

The newly formed Compton duo are moving forward with turning the EP into a full-length album set for release later this year.

Speaking with HipHopDX at Power 106’s Powerhouse event at the Honda Center, Quik gave insight into why he enjoys working with Problem who also released his DJ Hed hosted Hotels 2: The Master Suite earlier this year.

“Man, Problem has this wild young energy,” explained Quik. “I’ve been in the game 25 years. I’m considered a legend now so I’m more laid back and Problem is like this young Ferrari just revving so he just motivates you. Sometimes I don’t see it like that because I get a little lazy and he’s just hounding me like ‘you got to do this, you got to do this, you got to do this.’ So then, I’m pumped like him. So I do it, and it’s successful. Like he’s got a vision. It’s not just about his energy. The kids got a lot of vision and I like hanging out with him.”

According to Quik, the transition from making an EP to album came from fans asking for more music between the two. Though there were feature spots on Rosecrans from The Game to Wiz Khalifa, the full-length project will feature more guest spots including Dom Kennedy and another Compton legend.

“Now, we got one of the greatest rappers of my day MC Eiht on it,” said Quik. “We did a record together, two of them. This dude’s so bad he caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to write like that and he came in just killing.”

During the brief interview, he also gave an update on the status of Suga Free’s long-awaited Street Gospel 2 which he said is almost done. Of course, the sequel to the 1997 West Coast classic will again be produced by Quik.

“Suga Free is more than a song, he’s a persona,” Quik exclaimed. It’s like being in the studio Richard Pryor. Like when he’s funny, you just got to let him be funny and just set up a mic and let him go. But sometimes he doesn’t go in the mic booth, and that’s cool that’s him. And sometimes he’ll just come in there and just stay there all day. But you got to let him live it, he’s Suga Free. The persona he got to live it out, and you just record him when he feels like it.”

Between the Rosecrans collaboration with Problem and wrapping up the years in the making Street Gospel 2, does this mean another solo project from Quik? He says he enjoys working with others more than just by himself.

“Just to be honest, just putting out a record all by yourself now is kind of lonely and I don’t think the audience, the record-buying public – I don’t think they want no lonely records like this is a mission all by myself,” he explained. “This thing got to be a party like compilation you know what I mean? If you think about it, all my records are compilations. Quik is the Name, I’m rapping on 50 percent of it, the other 50 percent is AMG, Hi-C and 2nd II None. That’s how I look at it. So if I do another album, I’m still going to rap 50 percent then let all the youngsters take over.”

Watch the exclusive interview below: