In a recent interview with DJ Smallz Eyez, Lil Dicky details the origins of creating his first Top 20 radio record, “Save That Money,” featuring Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap.

The Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania rapper shares that he came with the concept of the idea when he knew he wanted to make an ironic track that was digestible for mainstream America about saving money since most rap songs promote spending money.

“I genuinely do have pride in the ways that I save money, so it just made sense for me to have that type of song,” Lil Dicky says in an interview published yesterday (December 23). “When it came to the features, I wanted to have guys on there that typically rapped about spending money.”

“It’s a very radio friendly beat,” he adds as reason to why it became a hit song. “Let’s not kid ourselves. It has Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap on it. I think those guys are at the top of the rap radio world right now. Everyone was saying to me it was a hit, but as a guy who has never made a hit before I’m certainly like, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ It wasn’t until I finished shooting the video that I knew.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lil Dicky shares the cheapest thing he’s ever done.

“This guy was moving and we were all out celebrating and I bought something for him for $10,” the Professional Rapper says. “I was like, ‘I know you’re leaving tomorrow so I need you to pay me.’ I forced him, because I knew he wasn’t going to do it, I forced him to download Venmo. The next day I hit him up on Venmo and made him pay me because I knew he was going to leave without paying me the $10.”

The full DJ Smallz Eyez interview with Lil Dicky where he discusses “Save That Money” is as follows:

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