Stitches released “Don’t Fear Death” today (December 9) as a diss track to The Game via WorldStarHipHop. In the song, Stitches reasserts that his friends betrayed him and explains what happened when he was confronted by the Compton, California rapper’s team in Miami.

“I walked up to The Game then I got sucker-punched / You was with 30 niggas and you could run either one / I walked up by myself and I ain’t even bring a gun / You a stupid nigga if you think this beef is done,” Stitches raps.

On the song, Stitches threatens The Game’s life.

“Next time that you see me, you better pull out your strap / Pretty soon I swear to God, you’re face gonna be off the map / I’m a young bull, nigga, don’t play round with me, dog / Ima pull the thing out and watch the Magnum revolve / That’s my revolver, my problem solver / I’m sorry for your kids, they gonna lose they father,” he raps.

He also continues to question The Game’s authenticity and calls him a stripper, something The Game has accused of being by his alleged stepfather, among others.

“The drug game, that’s my game / You ain’t never sold cocaine / You ain’t never sold a thing / You used to sell your ding-a-ling / Stripper-ass nigga dancing for them dollas / Stripper turned to rapper, nigga that’s a real problem,” Stitches raps.

After the confrontation in Miami, The Game and Stitches went back-and-forth on social media.

Listen to “Don’t Fear Death” here.

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