Stitches has released a video addressing his getting punched outside a Miami nightclub Thursday (December 4) by The Game’s managerper Stitches’ Instagram page and Worldstar Hip Hop. (Stitches made his Instagram private last week, so both videos are below.)

“Yeah, I got sucker-punched the other day,” the Miami rapper says in the clip. “Ain’t nobody hidin’ their face and I got jumped by my own niggas yesterday. Nigga, all ya’ll pussy.” 

Stitches then grabs what appears to be a bichon frise and holds it up to the camera.

“This dog right here is harder than all y’all,” the rapper adds. “He can do more damage than all ya’ll. Ya’ll pussy. I’m still standin’. Come back and come back. Ya’ll niggas gonna die.”

Worldstar Hip Hop also includes text purportedly from Stitches in the post with the new video.

“This shit don’t make me or break me,” Stitches says per Worldstar Hip Hop. “It taught me to literally trust no one . Fuck the game and fuck the niggas who jumped me yesterday . You know where I be at . Anybody can run up and get it. I will continue to shit on all of them cause at the end of the day I remember niggas begging me like little bitches to shout them out on Instagram. You did good cutting that check to niggas @losangelesconfidential . But I promise Ima catch you punk bitch . And fuck anybody who can’t repsect the fact I walked up to him myself and he couldn’t do his own dirt . #ilovemyloyalfans #fuckthegame #pussyniggaisyoname #hoes #donttrustanyone #learnfromyourmistakesandcomebackharder. You gonna see my money talk for me now . Fuck fame fuck rap . Watch me sucka. Stay tuned. Watch me get richer now. If you ain’t rocking with me get off my page sucka.” 

On Friday (December 4), The Game responded to Stitches approaching him.

The same mouth this pussy talked about MY KIDS from got busted the fuck open now the stitches on ya mouth ain’t no fuckin tattoo……” The Game wrote on Instagram at the time.

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