With the release of The Game’s The Documentary 2 today (October 9), HotNewHipHop asked the Compton, California rapper about the success of the Los Angeles Rap scene.

“I think that the number one reason that LA Rap has flourished is because from the beginning, we never had filters,” The Game says. “We never gave a fuck about what was politically correct.”

He cites N.W.A’s “Fuck Tha Police” as one example, as well as the gang lifestyles that he and Snoop Dogg rap about, as being influential in defining the West Coast’s Rap game.

“Snoop taught the world how to Crip Walk,” he says. “I taught them how to Blood Bounce. We never gave a fuck who didn’t like it. New York is of course the Mecca of Hip Hop, but you guys were a little too safe.”

The Game continues by saying that New York does not have an influential rapper representing the city anymore.

“New York’s been slow as far as the Hip Hop scene on the mainstream level,” he says. “With French Montana being from New York, but he seems like he’s in the mix of the new generation and could be from Atlanta or Florida or riding that wave ’cause French is just wild like that and not that of a lyricist, a Jay Z or a Nas. We just waiting on your new God, man. Where’s he at? The world wants a new New York number one guy.”

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