French Montana recently discussed the passing of Chinx, a member of his Coke Boys collective who was shot and killed in Queens, New York back in May.

Since Chinx’s passing, French Montana has remained relatively quite on the subject but opened up about it during an interview with HOT 97, which took place yesterday (August 27).

“I never made one dollar off Chinx Drugz as an artist,” French Montana says. “All I did with Chinx was me just helping him out because I wanted to see my brother become as big as he can. I just feel like at his peak, this happened to him. That’s what I’m most hurt about. I want him to see how much people love him.”

French Montana also revealed that he tried to persuade Chinx to stay with him in L.A. the week before he was killed, but Chinx decided to head back to his hometown of Far Rockaway.

“A week before that happened to him, I was with him in L.A. and I was telling him to come with me to [Las] Vegas,” French says. “Then, I’m arguing with him to come with me to Vegas, to stay with me in L.A. and this and that, and he just woke up one day and [was] like, ‘I’m going back to Far Rockaway.’ But there’s only so many times you can fight with your brother before you be like, ‘You know what? Before we put hands on each other, go do what you gotta do.’ Sometimes you gotta let a grown man learn on his own. That week when I was telling him to stay with me in L.A., the exact next week, it happened.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, French Montana spoke on his recent Instagram spat with 50 Cent. The two artists traded jabs at one another over the social network when French posted a video that featured him throwing a case of the 50 Cent-endorsed liquor brand, EFFEN vodka, into the trash.

“Did you ever see somebody in the club with an EFFEN vodka bottle?” French Montana says. “I feel like 50 [Cent] is a marketing genius and I feel like these are the things he do. I feel like he took it away from making music to selling vodka, so he’s doing the same technique [as Puff Daddy]. We’re just having fun with it. We snapping at each other. It’s all love.”

French Montana’s interview with HOT 97 can be viewed below:

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