During an interview on Hot 97, Los Angeles, California rapper The Game revealed that he received Dr. Dre’s approval early in the process of creating his most recent album, The Documentary 2.

According to The Game, close to two years ago he brought the first three tracks on The Documentary 2 to Dr. Dre to get a gauge of where he was at with the project. He went on to explain that upon hearing the three songs, Dre responded by stating “This is it.”

From there, the West Coast wordsmith says he knew he was on the right path with the album.

The Documentary 2 might be my best work to date because of what it took to complete this album,” The Game said. “It kinda had the same elements and the same obstacles as the original Documentary, which is—I’ve been working on for three years. And I kept scrapping it cause I couldn’t get it to Documentary standard. And I took the first three tracks on the album, which are still the first three tracks on the album, I took ‘em to Dr. Dre and I played it cause I just wanted to hear if I was off to a great start. So Dre told me, after hearing the three tracks, he was like ‘This is it.’

“And so after that it was pretty much easy cause I got stamped by the Doc…I knew the caliber of music that I needed to complete it,” he added. “And we worked for the next year and a half, two years with different producers. And we finally got it to a point where it was sounding classic.”

The Game also spoke on his recent giveaways of $25,000 to fans. Although the idea was inspired by the number of days leading up to the release of The Documentary 2, he says it wasn’t about promo.

“I don’t do it for promo,” he said. “I give away too much money for it to be promo. I don’t have that much stuff to promote. I just felt like—It was 25 days til my album dropped and I just was like ‘Let me just give away $25,000 a day to just random people around the world.’ And because I can’t be, but one place at one time, I enlisted a few of my friends. Like Tip and La La. La La was in New York, so she did it one time. It’s cool, man. It’s people giving. I just really look on Instagram and pick somebody random.”

The Documentary 2 is scheduled for release on October 9.

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