Have you heard The Game’s stripper allegations? Game has fired back at his alleged stepfather who claimed in a documentary that he had stripped a few times at his club.

Taking to Twitter, Chuck Taylor said that Hodari Sababu told the same reported lie during an interview with Shade 45 and that it’s a vain attempt to ruin his career.

“This fag get out of jail & because I dont give em no money… He do a interview with Shade 45 lying wit the same stripper story.. ha ha…,” he wrote. “It don’t work nigga. It’s old, niggas tried dat 1 & niggas still thinkin that bullshit gone END me ? I’m to the Canyons on yo bum ass nigga.”

At that, the West Coast rapper said that Sababu isn’t even his stepfather and that claiming himself as such is factually incorrect. “Hol up…. Talkin bout he my stepfather ? Bitch, my mama aint never been MARRIED !!! Mad cause I aint loan yo gay ass no $$ #FuckOuttaHere.”

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