Have you heard The Game’s stripper allegations? Game has fired back at his alleged stepfather who claimed in a documentary that he had stripped a few times at his club.

Taking to Twitter, Chuck Taylor said that Hodari Sababu told the same reported lie during an interview with Shade 45 and that it’s a vain attempt to ruin his career.

“This fag get out of jail & because I dont give em no money… He do a interview with Shade 45 lying wit the same stripper story.. ha ha…,” he wrote. “It don’t work nigga. It’s old, niggas tried dat 1 & niggas still thinkin that bullshit gone END me ? I’m to the Canyons on yo bum ass nigga.”

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At that, the West Coast rapper said that Sababu isn’t even his stepfather and that claiming himself as such is factually incorrect. “Hol up…. Talkin bout he my stepfather ? Bitch, my mama aint never been MARRIED !!! Mad cause I aint loan yo gay ass no $$ #FuckOuttaHere.”

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