While taking part in an interview with Chehade The King on Dash Radio, New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Curren$y spoke on smoking with Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, revealed that he once thought he had lung cancer after smoking a cigarette for the first time, offered cleaning tips, and more.

In regards to smoking with Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y revealed that he quickly reprimanded the rapper after he attempted to smoke in front of him using a Swisher Sweet cigar.

“My little brother was smoking swishas and I was like ‘Man, not in my house. Bruh, check it out. Let’s do this. Grind that shit up and put it in this and just taste—You gon’ taste the weed,’” Curren$y said. It was over with after that. He didn’t even try to fight me. He didn’t roll me a swisha and ask me to do a test like Lil Wayne do every time I see him. Every time I’m in the same room with this fool he trying to get me to smoke a fronto leaf. He’s like ‘Well, it’s not a blunt it’s a fronto leaf.’ Man, that shit still look like a grocery bag.”

As an artist who attended magnet school in his hometown and grew up with parents who were fans of oldies, Curren$y recalled being familiar with a variety of different artists, from Counting Crows to Jeffrey Osborne.

“Counting Crows,” the rapper said when asked what rock groups he was put on to as a magnet school student. “Just stuff that floated through school. I don’t know. I’m always singing and I don’t remember where it even came from. My mom and dad. That’s where I got all the oldies from. They just cleaned the house and played oldies all day. Jeffrey Osborne.”

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