Over the past few months, Miami rapper Rick Ross has welcomed a number of changes. The musician reportedly got engaged to his girlfriend, he’s continued to shed pounds, and is now preparing for the release of his latest studio album, Black Market.

During a newly-released interview with Maxim magazine, Ross touched on all of the above topics. He first began by speaking on his new album, which will serve as his eighth.

“It’s like a one-on-one conversation, and I’m being straight direct,” Rick Ross said. “With the music I’m making and the conversation, the flows, I’m really setting this album to be possibly the pinnacle album of my career… And I’m just speaking in all honesty, seeing the reaction of the first single, ‘Sorry,’ featuring Chris Brown. It’s the first record I ever had where on the world premiere it was added to mainstream radio stations around the nation. So that’s big for me. I want to salute my little bro Chris Brown, and Scott Storch on the production, and everybody that’s supporting the single.”

In regards to his recent weight loss, Ross revealed that he’s always been “a proud, fat boss,” but felt that he needed to focus more on his health as he began to get older.

“I was just a proud, fat boss my whole life, you dig? I always enjoyed that,” he said. “That’s just always been who I am, but the older we get, we have to take care of our health first and foremost. We’re having families, we’re having kids, we have loved ones who depend on us, and motherfuckers like me have been champagne-ing and smoking big for years now, so it’s time to some bring some new energy to the table as any boss would, and that’s what RossFit’s all about. That’s just me taking my dieting more serious. For anybody that’s reading this, the dieting is really 75% of weight-loss. So just dieting, working out, removing all of the worst elements, which to me were the sodas and the Chinese rice. I just had to remove a few elements like that and remain consistent, and I saw results.”

Rick Ross’ Black Market album is scheduled to be released this December.

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